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TEDAfrica Launches

If you are interested in attending a conference focused on ideas, ingenuity and creativity in Africa, then there is no better choice than the upcoming TEDAfrica conference in Cape Town from Sept. 29 to Oct. 1 of this year. Inspired by TEDGlobal in Tanzania last year, and operated under a license from TED, this is an event to watch.

TEDAfrica in Cape Town

I don’t know the people behind TEDAfrica, but if it’s anything like what we experienced at TEDGlobal last year, then I’m sure it will be worth every penny spent to attend. They are handing out 50 TEDAfrica Fellowships (fully paid), so make sure you sign up for one of those soon too.

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  1. I watched the TED videos at previous TED conferences and was absolutely blown away. The only wish I had is that the talks could be longer because many of the thinkers in TED were absolute geniuses. I hope they’ll continue posting the TED videos on the website and I pretty much intend on continuing to watch them.

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