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DEMO ’08 – Africa Panel Video (Long)

I just found out that our panel from the DEMO conference is now online. It’s fairly long, about 35 minutes.

We covered some interesting items, but nothing in any great depth. It was a basic “intro to African tech” kind of panel.

Others on stage:

Juliana Rotich of Afromusing, also the environmental editor of Global Voices and contributing editor to AfriGadget.

Mike Stopforth of Afrigator


  1. Good stuff, thanks for putting that up Hash.

  2. Enjoyed the panel. How was Ist?

  3. Great clip Erik. How you fitted so much into half an hour is quite astounding.

  4. This is a great talk guys. Interesting too how development and the voice of technology is dependent on our experiences. Since both Hash and Juliana are Kenyans, we heard of tech in Kenya, since Mark is from SA and Hash has worked in SA, we got to hear about that. Wouldn’t it be time we organize either a conference here in the US to bring together bloggers and tech people from all over Africa for an Afrigator like conversation for the whole continent?

    Maybe a print book once the thing is done where we can get some of the highlighted projects written down and sent to investors and the like to whet their appetites. Or maybe an Afrigator section for companies to start getting ready for scale up and infusion of capital.

    Just a thought.

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