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‘Tis Conference Season… Next up FoWA and SXSW!

I didn’t realize how time intensive and draining the first 2 months of 2008 were going to be for me. I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited and attend some fabulous conferences over the last 6 weeks, and though it’s tiring, it’s been well worth it for the discussions and contacts made. There are some seriously smart and gifted people out there, and I’m just glad to meet them and pick their brains for a little while.

The conference rundown:

  • Inman Real Estate Connect NY – New York, NY (speaking)
  • NAIAS (N. American Int’l Auto Show) – Detroit, Michigan
  • DEMO 2008 – Palm Springs, California (speaking)
  • Harvard’s Berkman Institute Meeting on Digital Activism – Istanbul, Turkey (speaking)
  • Future of Web Apps – Miami, Florida
  • SXSW – Austin, Texas (speaking)

Upcoming Conferences
Next week I’ll head down to the Future of Web Apps in Miami. I attended the very first one in the San Francisco area a couple years back, and I have to say it’s the best value for the money spent period. The content, conversations and connections made are just unbeatable for $145.

SXSW 2008 - Africa 2.0 PanelThe following week I’ll be at SXSW in Austin, Texas as part of the “Africa 2.0: Affecting Change Using Technology” panel lead by G. Kofi Annan. It really looks to be an interesting discussion, with a good mixture of individuals with a wide range of interactive experience on the panel.

If you’re going to be at SXSW, let me know so we can get together.

Africa Panel at SXSW 2008

After SXSW things look to be calming down. The only conference that I really have on my radar is TEDAfrica happening in Cape Town at the end of September. This is probably good, as I’ll finally be able to focus on my projects a little more.


  1. Gosh – that Kofi Annan’s a busy chap… sorting out the trouble in Kenya… speaking at a conference 😀

  2. One thing that would be really cool would be webinars of these various conferences where people can tune in live to watch the talks and maybe even ask questions. I know it’s definitely coming in future, just thought I would dream now…..

    To nuttycow : …..the man even found time to dye his beard and get some dreadlocks done. He must have picked up some crazy time management skills from being Secretary General 😀

  3. a fairly well covered story, but wanted to get it out to our berkman audience:


  4. Man i applied for the startup ticket but they were sold out. I am still thinking of going down there as a student for 50$. I wasn’t aware about it until like a week ago. It looks like it’s gonna be a blast.

  5. See you in Austin guys!Definately plan to be there

  6. See you at FOWA! 🙂

  7. hash, I will definitely keep you informed about both of these projects, because they stem directly from our conversations on the way back from Istanbul!

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