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Online Shopping Services for the African Diaspora

There are more and more services popping up created for Africans living abroad to shop and deliver commodities to their relatives in their home country. As covered in a previous story, the sub-Saharan African remittance market is about $20 billion annually, so it only makes sense for more tech-smart businessmen to tap into this.

The lack of any cost-effective traditional money transfer service has also played a part in the creation of this financial back-channel. Africans in the diaspora can buy (or send) a wide variety of goods and services including; airtime minutes, flowers, cakes, school fees, shopping vouchers, etc… the list goes on.

Below are a couple of these websites and their respective country:

iCare – Uganda
iCare - Uganda online shopping

Happysend – Cameroon
Happysend - Cameroon online shopping

Akyedie – Ghana
Akyedie - Ghanaian online shopping

MamaMikes – Kenya
MamaMikes - Kenyan online shopping

Zimbuyer – Zimbabwe

I’m sure there will be more innovation and interesting sites building out in this place throughout the continent. In fact, I’m sure I’ve missed a great deal of the sites that are already out there. If there is a site that you think I have missed, add it to the comment area below.


  1. Very interesting Erik. I will definitely be passing Zimbuyer on to my readers at eLp. Anyone aware of anything similar for South Africa? Apart from regular online shopping and delivery sites?

  2. Hi Erik,
    Here are some other:
    http://www.fohmo.com/ designed by the same guys of happysend

    They are all from Cameroon

  3. Of course there’s mama mikes

    Alsoa new one tele yetu

  4. I like mama mikes and and icare too. If this continues probably people will feel abit secure when shopping online. Some few comments on mama mikes show that they guys are effective and now that they shopped from UK, Sweden etc, the same guys will make african realize they it is actually safe to shop online and probably use a service like paypal where their credit cards information won’t be shared online.

  5. Check http://www.bayamsellam.com looking at online shopping from an African perspective.

  6. Here is another one: http://www.primissimo.net
    This one from Cameroon too.

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