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Refreshing WhiteAfrican’s Design

I decided to update the look and feel of WhiteAfrican.com last night. No drastic changes, more of a cleanup really, as things seemed messy to me before. I’m a big fan of Chris Pearson, so I’m trying out his new Thesis theme. Bugs are still being worked out as I customize it a little bit…


  1. i am all for clean designs, like this fabulous one. very pretty.

  2. Good job. This really is much nicer!

  3. Very nice – I like the wider format!

  4. Nice! Looks much cleaner.

  5. Wow Erik. I’ve never paid for a theme before. Is it worth it? Seems like there are so many of them out there, surely someone has a theme very similar to this for free, right? What are the big advantages of this theme? Are they big enough to pay for it? I guess so.

  6. clear and bright

  7. Hash, the theme is on point. Clear and simple. cheers.

  8. Nice job on the design HASH. Clean and simple.

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