A heads-up on two upcoming blog event days that are worth participating in.

BlogDay 2008 – August 31
I really like BlogDay as it’s a chance to show a little love to some bloggers that are new, really good or unique. I always tend to find at least a couple new blogs that I didn’t know existed before. All you need to do is pick 5 blogs and write a quick blurb about them with a link to their site. Simple. Easy. Effective. (I’ve already got my 5 picked out, and the post written!)

Blog Day 2008

Blog Action Day – October 15
Blog Action Day focuses on a specific global issue and asks bloggers the world over to focus on that for one day. Last year 20,000 bloggers wrote with a laser focus about the environment – we did a post on AfriGadget for it. This year the conversation is focused on poverty.

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty from Blog Action Day on Vimeo.