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Ushahidi “Eldoret” (v0.1) is Released!

I’m very excited to take a moment to give a big thanks to some very special people who have taken a lot of their time to make Ushahidi’s first release of the new engine come together. Each release is named after an African city or town which has seen a large crisis or disaster overtake it. The “Eldoret” release is in recognition of the problems that were centered around that town in Kenya earlier this year.

Ushahidi Alpha

A special round of thanks goes out to the following people for going the extra mile and getting this done:

It’s really looking good too, in no small thanks to Caleb and Jared. Check out the demo for yourself. More on it at the Ushahidi blog.


Of course, there are bugs that need to be found and squashed. Many bugs, legions of them I’m sure, as this is just the alpha. Send all of your errors, bugs and failures to bugs.ushahidi.com – Thanks!


The partying isn’t even done, but it’s time to finalize features and start building in the new ones. Check out the task list at http://wiki.ushahididev.com/doku.php?id=october_tasklist_2 if you want to get started.


  1. I just tried the demo, and it seemed very neat. I can imagine a host of areas to implement Ushadidi, from safety watch to environmental spillages. So it doesn’t have to relate to the troublezones of the world.

  2. congrats for the release. Are you guys doing anything for what’s happenning in Congo? lots of civilians killed, distress, abuse, no more government, this is where tools like Ushahidi should shine

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