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My BBC Post on Blogging’s Evolution and Growth

I was asked to do a guest post for the BBC, as they’re doing a new full-production special titled “Digital Revolution“, which is set to focus on the first 20 years of the internet.

The producer asked me to write about the changing face of blogging. Answering the question on, “has blogging lost its feeling of freedom, untethered and raw that once defined it?”

My answer is simply: no. You can read why on the link below:

Voices on the rise: raw and unfiltered blogging still lives

An excerpt (read the full post to catch the arguments):

“So, in answering my question at the beginning, we see not a loss in the freedom and raw power of citizen-based communication, but a burgeoning growth in it that threatens to overwhelm us all. In fact, the wave is coming on so strong and big that the most important question we need to ask is not how to get more citizen blogs, updates and voices, but how to filter it so that it remains useful.”


  1. Dear HASH,

    I always read your articles and I am keen to lean new things. I followed advice and have succeded in providing outsourcing work to a range of clients in North America and Canada while still in Kenya, Africa.

    I am inviting you to write something on my new blog. I and many others consider your word as authority. Your BBC invite was just echoing what many of us think of you.

  2. yuor good writer and makes it easier to get to grips with the digi stuff

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