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GotIssuez: Exposing Bad Customer Service in Kenya

How do we call out problems with businesses, customer service interaction and lack of service? That’s what Mark Kaigwa and team are trying to answer in Kenya and East Africa. The header on the GotIssuez website states:

GotIssuez logo

“The customer is always right. Gotissuez.com is a platform where customers exercise their right to expose product shortcomings, poor service delivery or suggest ways of improving the products or services.”

GotIssuez is an on-line market research company primarily concentrating on three areas: consumer research, product research and service delivery. Their website is a tool to address the real shortcomings that many in East Africa face when trying to deal with the unusually bad customer service that permeates most of the businesses that operate in the region.

Their tool is mainly focused on the younger generation, people who are web and mobile phone savvy and who aren’t hesitant to raise their voice in protest of bad customer service or bad experiences. At any given time you might see complaints on the “crappy YU (mobile) network”, “Ngong Hills – A poor welcome at the entrance” or griping about political issues. Other users can go in and agree, disagree or help solve the problem the stated problem.

It’s a play to the crowd, a home-brewed combination of what we see on sites like Digg married up with the functionality of sites like Dell’s IdeaStorm.

GotIssuez - comment and votes for customer service issues in Kenya

I was intrigued by the one above actually, as it’s a complaint over the campaign to save endangered lions in Kenya. It’s had a pretty big impact on a certain group of people, mainly businesses and the upper class (so the poster to GotIssuez states). It’s also a good reminder that one mans treasure is another mans trash… 🙂

Campaign to save endangered lions in Kenya

The Business

GotIssuez is currently implementing a large research and development project called ‘Tangaza.’ With this they have already began looking and measuring high-end statistics and detailed metrics on trends, opinions, comparisons and key information relevant to brands. Their focus is to continue to work on this as their business model develops and evolves.

It’s important to note that their tool is not their only effort in the brand monitoring, consumer research and service delivery space. While that is a primary outreach and awareness tool, much of their business comes from the services that they offer to organizations offline.


  1. This is a great idea. The customer service in Kenya is really bad and a point of concern for many Kenyans. If there is a way that the companies and business owners can be forced to respect the customers, i guess it will get a hundred percent support from Kenyans. Big up to Mark Kaigwa and his team

  2. To speak specifically, it’s sad that that one poster about the lions is terribly misinformed. I’m surprised Paula hasn’t spoken up.

    I met the Kenyan artist who created the mold for the lions. Not sure where they were actually cast. Perhaps they were physically imported, only because the process isn’t possible in Nairobi. But the artist is local. One painter I met was white, not sure where she was from originally, but she was local. I’m quite sure that many of the painters were local and/or Kenyan. There was one story in the papers about how famous (and my favorite) African animal painter David Shepard, from UK, had his lion imported to KE after painting it in the UK.

    By and large the poster’s grievances are off base.

    His use of the ‘gotissuz’ medium/site is a good example, however misleading his grievance may be 🙂

  3. We appreciate the mention here, even though the Lion Issue in question is highly misinformed, this is one of the few examples where the community shows its strengths.

    Amidst the ignorance of few (or many) in the community, there is a voice of reason that can clarify and sort this issue and that power changes the perceptions of people far beyond on GotIssuez.Com.

    On GotIssuez there’s a far bigger picture – I’ll give an example:

    Savannah is a great restaurant/lounge at Museum Hill and it was where one of our GotIssuez members was happily enjoying a coffee and the facilities, when she noticed that there was only one bathroom (and for such an establishment – this wasn’t acceptable)

    This Issue went up on GotIssuez and was agreed upon by many. Eventually it went on to reach the Management of Savannah, who issued a statement to correct the situation as it came to their attention and they have made the necessary arrangements to address it.

    No one needs to tell you how great the gap between customer and provider is in this East Africa.

    The suggestion box has lost faith in the eye of the consumer. It’s inability to bring change, has developed a need in the market. The customer may ‘always be right’ but they’re seldom listened to, this is where GotIssuez comes in.

    Occasionally on GotIssuez, positive issues come in, and though few and far between, the majority are negative, but a positive outcome is usually reached through that ‘voice of reason.’

    We’ve created a platform for sustainable and actionable feedback from a Generation Y powered community.

    Regarding the Issue on the Lions, it’s already been clarified (by the community), and I have spoken briefly with Paula.

    If you’re going to remember GotIssuez for anything, remember us for something positive.

  4. @Mark – just wanted to mention that the example I used of the lions above was actually done so that people realized just how wide of an audience that GotIssuez serves. It’s not just being used by the elite who have access to the internet, GotIssuez seems to be being used by people across the income strata.

  5. @Hash – I agree, we just agreed that we ought to throw it out there so people don’t get the wrong end of the stick and leave remembering an opinion, rather than the function of the site 🙂

    We appreciate the post- it’s already leading to quite a couple interesting connections and meetups 🙂

  6. Hi,

    I am writing my thesis on Customer Service and Satisfaction in Kenya and contributions through this forum will be of great interest to me.Keep it up.

  7. please can customer tell me more about my line it does access a network even i cannot make my call very well.my mobile no is 0754707026

  8. I am impressed by what you guys are doing! I first came to know ‘www.gotissuez.com’ via reading an old copy of ‘parents magazine’ in a doctor’s office early this month. I then decided to visit your website. I would really appreciate to meet Mr Mark Kaigwa, is it possible? I know you are a very busy man but you may spare a few minutes of your time My tel No is 0721257602. Keep it up guys and cheers!

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