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Blogging in a different style

I’ve realized that my life doesn’t allow for the same style blogging that I used to do in past years, where I would find time to spend a couple hours on different pieces. Instead of giving up on blogging altogether, I’ve decided to take it to a different format.


My essay-like blog posts will be less common, though I still plan to do them from time-to-time. The format will be more “tumblr-like” with shorter reads, links to interesting reports, some shots I take as I travel, and articles that I find interesting and think worth taking your time to read as well.

Maybe I’ll even find time to update my blog’s design again… 🙂


  1. Yeah, let’s set up a blog for pictures and short snippets! I am doing that with jke.kikuyumoja.com already and this way also reroute my instagrams via IFTTT to a) the blog and from there to b) twitter and flickr.

    How about safari.whiteafrican.com?

  2. I was wondering what happened to the swagged up blog :). It would be so unlike you to leave it so plain 🙂

    • I’m getting there… Just need a day with no other stuff to do so I can give myself an excuse to spend time on prettying this place up a bit. 🙂

  3. Don’t forget where you came from…

    In similar predicament with my blogging. Juliana tell you what I’m up to? I’d like to show it to you in person. Dotted ideas on s map it should become.

    Look forward to your new format.

    See you soon I hope.

  4. We will read what ever you give us! I appreciated your long stories and will appreciate the short ones too. However I find personally that when I decide to scale down on my blogging is when the idea for longer posts come…Cheers from Ghana! (Have you heard we have hubs now too ? Hub Accra and iSpace opened recently in Accra :-))

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