Traditional Music & Cultures of Kenya: BlueGecko

Kenya Market

Maasai Association

Of Liberty an essay by John Stewart Mill

Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith

Button Maker to make button links such as this: White African Blog

What NOT to do in Asia – Much cursing, but I was crying through the “nachos” post!

This is a sweet helicopter

Video Journalist Ruud Elmendorp on Kenya (with links to other countries). More on Kenya Here.

The most incredible unimog ever: The Maximog

Great light backpacking and bike riding packs.

Some of the best Computer Generated (CG) Animation ever, check out Blur Studios. (Go to “Animation” > “Shorts” to see them)

Awesome, fit-for-Africa packs and other gear. Kifaru Backpacks.

Durable mobile robots for extreme conditions. Read: controllable balls with cameras. Interesting, take a look at the videos.

Solz sandals. Made in Africa for tough use. They look like Tevas.

TourTech: motorcycle touring and rally technology.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) – AeroVironment Inc.

Customize your Unimog at UNICAT.

Onyango Oloo
– A Kenyan, now living in Montreal.

Davy Crockett vs. Welfare

Merchants of Cool 1, Merchants of Cool 2

TechCrunch – Technology and web stuff blog

Christoph Grandt Photo Website

Design Bloom
– crazy furniture and design competitions

Seth Godin, a true marketing Guru: His website. His All Marketers Are Liars blog

Great Article on Web Strategy.

Though I’m not a Treehugger, I find this blog interesting and well designed.

Instant Domain Search – Loads the results as you search.

Particletree, Lifehacker, and 43Folders are worth reading.

Why Poor Countries are Poor (Economist Article)

Making Room for the Third World in the Second Superpower and the full article by Ethan Zuckerman here.