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Activist Mapping Presentation at Where 2.0

I had the honor of closing O’Reilly’s Where 2.0 Conference today, where I gave a talk on “Activist Mapping” and some history on our Ushahidi project in Kenya. A couple people have asked me to make the slides available, so I’ve embedded the presentation below.

I’m not sure how useful those images are without the context of me speaking to them. Since I generally type out my notes, I’ve added those below after the “more” button. The notes are not verbatim what I said, but will give you a general indication of what I talked about.

More after the jump! (warning, this is long as it’s a 20 minute talk)

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A Mobile 2.0 Presentation

I’m on my way to San Francisco for the Global Philanthropy Forum, and have been pretty busy. In the absence of any real thoughtful post by me, I thought it might be good to make everyone aware of a presentation that I found online by Rudy De Waele of M-Trends.org.

It’s got a ton of great information and food for thought. Enjoy!

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