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Keyboard Insanity!

LED Customizable KeyboardWhat if your keyboard could have any combination of lettering, hotkeys, and languages that you wanted? What about switching applications (say going from Microsoft Word to Adobe Photoshop), and having the keyboard automatically light up and change to that particular applications keys and shortcuts (hotkeys)? Ever been up late, in the darkness of your office or room trying to type or game?

Well, wish no more my friends. Here is the the amazing Optimus LED with-all-the-bells-and-whistles keyboard. Unfortunately, this little puppy is just in it’s infancy – at the moment the creators of it are negotiating with manufacturers for production. One other little thing… it’ll likely cost no less than $200-$300! Wow.

Imagine the improvement for typing in a foreign language like, switching from Arabic, to Chinese, to Russian if needed. Truly mindblowing in the capabilities that are possible.

LED Customizable Keyboard 2

What’s the big story though? I’m thinking that as the actual computer gets cheaper and cheaper, along with LCD and flat panel monitors, that other computer peripherals like the keyboard and the mouse are going to get really spiced up. We’ll see what comes, but I’m already seeing new things in both these products with this keyboard and Apple’s new “mighty mouse“.

Mac Mighty Mouse!


  1. Tres cool blog! Welcome to the blog ring!

  2. hi hash!

    sorry – i don’t like commenting on my own blog (somehow it renders it authentic and my blog is anything but!) anyway thanks for the comment – i really appreciated it, esp since i tend to be a bit of a hothead at times. i was only just introduced to the concept of a “white African” (and all its complications) when i lived in South Africa last year so i’m still trying to wrap my head around it. but i also love anyone who has genuine love for Africa and its people as i know you do. of course being African, but having spent most of my life outside of the Continent, also adds to my confusion.

    but so i just wanted to drop you a line! looking forward to reading through your blog.


  3. Thanks Sonja, I know the whole White African thing down in South Africa has a different flavor than up in East, or even Central Africa. I hope you’ll continue to come back here and give me your opinions on the articles that interest you.

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