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Google Page Creator: How NOT to Release a New Application

Google has it’s new “Page Creator” up. Or, they did at one point – then it went down – now it’s back up again. Are they getting a ton of hits and can’t handle it? We saw this happen with Google Analytics too, when their servers got smashed by people signing up and they had to close it down and it was taking a full week to update.

Google Oops

If I’m a small 2-person “web 2.0” company operating off of a small budget, I think I can be forgiven for being overwhelmed when people are intersted in my app. We see this happen often when something gets dugg or slashdotted.

BUT, when you’re Google, or some other larger company there just is no excuse. Understand when you release a new tool that it’s going to get massive amounts of attention. Maybe I’m spoiled, especially since this is all free stuff, but I guess I just expect more out of them.

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  1. Yeah, I tried to get on with that today and had the same problems. Do they actually beta or is this it? Are we starting to see google’s decline in user satisfaction?

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