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Cheeseforge: Budgeting Application

Cheeseforge: Budgeting Made Easy!Nicholas over at Billionaire Businessman has some really exciting news. He’s about to release a public version of a project called Cheeseforge – a slimmed down and manageable finance program.

Think of it as an easier, lighter, friendlier, simpler version of Quickbooks that you use within your browser (think Gmail for finances).

He’s offering a 3-tier pricing structure:

  • A free account for 1-5 users
  • A small company level for 6-20 users that has a powerful analytics function and better user management
  • A premium service for enterprise-level use allowing an unlimited number of users that has better security, branded subdomain, and more user-options

It’s great to see new web applications coming out of Africa. I’m really looking forward to testing it and will do a review once I’ve played around with it a little bit. I’m a big fan of the pricing structure, and I’m set to be impressed by the actual application as well.

Head on over to http://my.cheeseforge.com to sign up for more news and to get on the list to try it out.

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