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Happy Madaraka Day!

Kenyan Bloggers Day 2006 Button
So, I’m a little late, but it’s still June 1st here in the US. Madaraka Day commemorates the day that Kenya attained internal self-rule following an important milestone on the road to independence. As a member of the outstanding Kenyan Bloggers Webring, I’m proud to wear the badge and tip my hat to them and also take a moment to reflect on what this day means for Kenyans.

Madaraka Day

The above image by Mama Junkyard represents the creativity of the Kenyan blogosphere. I’m always humbled by the level of thought, humor and writing skills from those that I share a space with in the Kenyan blogging community.


  1. Never too late. Wasn’t MJY’s google image wonderful?

    Happy Madaraka day, hope you had fun

  2. Hash, happy belated Madaraka day.
    I am still drooling at that doodle – MJY is a gem
    Have a good weekend

  3. Thank you and Happy Madaraka day

  4. Happy belated Madaraka day. It’s never too late to celebrate Madaraka of any kind…

  5. Great work on the logo there! I am sorry but I could not resist this: Mockoogle
    If its down by the time you get there, then its because Google has sued me for 1.37 Billion $$ (and I am not talking about Zim dollars here!) and I have fled the country.

  6. Happy Madaraka Day – much belated but not forgotten!

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