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Someone Hates White African! (oh no!)

Just in case anyone is coming from the RC Bowen Kenya forums, I’d like you to know that I haven’t been writing the racist drivel that has been posted there in my name. I’m not sure why someone would waste there time actually writing it, or why I’ve been the target. Do I have some Kenyan enemy that I never knew existed? Someone has too much time on their hands I guess.

The great thing about the web is anonymity. As easy as it would be for me to ask Mr. Bowen for the IP of the poster to track against the known IPs of people who read my blog, it just isn’t worth it. Anonymity is a quickly fading thing on the web though, so be careful where and how you do your drive-bys in the future, and make sure you pick a target like myself who finds this less insulting than amusing.

The best thing one can do is be thankful that someone thought enough of you to take time out of their day to focus their attentions on you. Will this post cause further drive-bys to happen? Undoubtedly. So, here’s to my personal web graffiti artist. Cheers! (and remember that karma’s a bitch) 🙂

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  1. Pfff……idiots, really. Pole my rafiki. Who reads rcbowen’s forum anyways? That’s so Web 0.5….. 😀

  2. Erik,

    You should begin to worry when you are not being talked about or slgged off or having false posts or graffitti published in your name.

    This is when you know you mean nothing to anybody!!

    So, as far as I see it, you are cool and someone is envious of you!

  3. Pole!

    There is this song by CMB prezzo (Did you get a chance to hear the genge when you were back home?) Anyhoo the song is ‘Ma fans’ and somewhere therein he says
    “..na kama hamnipendi kuleni sembe meza wembe!”

    sembe = ugali
    Akule wembe huyo

  4. You know, I saw your post in my google aggregator, read the stuff on RC Bowen then came here to comment and found JKE’s comment up there and proceeded to laugh my head off.

    Web 0.5 . . .

    Haha haha haha

    Someone’s probably trying to milk the debate that has been going about all of this on various fora and what better way to stir up some flames on “white african’s” site?

    Best thing you can do right now is pay them no attention.

    And JKE is right, RCB is pretty passe at this point, tons of senseless ranting on anything anyone feels like is pretty much all that you will find there.

    – Steve

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