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Quick Hits Around Africa

I’ve updated the African Web 2.0 Websites collage on Flickr with the new companies that people suggested on my last blog post about it.

There’s an interesting read by Marco Gallotta about Google’s Africa Forum that took place recently in California.

I just found out about the Makeda Fund, which is an investment fund specifically formed to invest in women-run businesses in Africa. It started in Nigeria, but will finance women-run businesses anywhere in Africa, as long as they already have some experience and show growth potential.

There is a debate that is going to happen called, “Aid to Africa is doing more harm than good” on Dec. 4th. I find it strange that there is only 1 African taking part in the debate.


  1. In re the African Aid debate, I note your observation that it’s strange only one African is taking part. It also seems strange that the debate is only old people;-)

    Putting things that aren’t really alike I note that Business Week’s cover story this week is “Can Greed Save Africa? Fearless investing is succeeding where aid often hasn’t.” Ayittey’s cheetah’s–and I consider you one–aren’t really following Business Week’s predicted path.

    Michele Martin at her blog The Bamboo Project pointed to a profile of Jessica and Matt Flannery of Kiva at “Stanford Magazine” and noted: “aren’t Matt and Jessica exactly the kinds of people you would have wanted working for you?”

    I don’t think it’s just African Cheetahs but emerging new ways of doing things all over. Dr. Ayittey gets this I think, but I’m afraid to many the debate does seem to come down to: either it’s aid or it’s greed. The African blogosphere reflects these emerging ways and I hope future debates will be more inclusive.

  2. I would like to see Google do more in Africa. This forum seems interesting.

  3. It is quite odd to say the least that there can be debates about Africa with only one African. Makes very little sense if you ask me. What do you think is the weight such a debate carries if it is argued by predominantly non-Africans?! Zero in my eyes.

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