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The Kenyan Blogosphere Still Has Great Talent

If you were blogging back in 2005, it was amazing to see the talent and energy found in the African blogosphere, and Kenya was a leader amongst the countries involved. I’ve spent a lot of today working through 350+ blogs who were nominated for different prizes for the annual Kenya Blog Awards put on by the Bloggers Association of Kenya (@BAKE_ke). It’s humbling to see so much quality. As a judge, certain categories are extremely difficult due to the parity of the entrants.

Who knew that we had such interesting food and fashion blogs? I certainly didn’t, and was happily sending the food links to my wife as I read through them. The photo bloggers are insanely good, but that shouldn’t be surprising to most of us. The Creative Writing category was huge, in both size and number of quality writers, we truly are blessed in this country – people have a way with words.

Kenyan bloggers Sharon of ThisisEss has her photo taken by Steve Kitots (both linked below)

I thought this picture was great, as it takes two Kenyan bloggers – Sharon of ThisisEss and photographer Steve Kitots (both linked below)

Since I can’t name who I’m pegging as my favorite, I thought I’d just throw a couple links here to show you who’s blogging well in different categories. [Note, I’m only throwing down 5 of the 15 categories here, and listing a bunch in each one, in no particular order.]

Photo Bloggers of Kenya

Mutua Matheka
Steve Kitots
Joe Makeni
Louis Nderi
Ben Kiruthi

Food Blogs from Kenya

Healthy Living
Kula Chakula
Pendo la Mama
Foodie in the Desert

Fashion, Beauty and Style Blogs of Kenya

This is Ess
Nancie Mwai
Toi Market
The Vonette Way
K Smith Diaries
The Funshion Mistress

Kenya’s Entertainment and Lifestyle Bloggers

Hood Junction
Kimani wa Wanjiru
Mr. Young Scholar

Creative Writing Blogs in Kenya

Even Angels Fall
Biko Zulu
Kenyan Voice
Mwende the Dreamer
Fasihi Arts
deMaitha’s Blog
Minamilist Eric
Do Not Feed the Bloggers

(I told you there was a lot on the creative writing side, this isn’t even all of them…)

To those of you who write these blogs, keep it up. You’re doing an amazing job of capturing the essence of Kenya and providing an open discussion forum for all to take part in. You’ve made my life quite a bit more difficult, having to choose my top picks, but it’s been worth it due to the reminder I received of how the blogging talent is still here in Kenya, still growing and better than before.

See 2012 winners

David vs Goliath: WhiteAfrican in the 2009 Bloggies Awards!

[Warning: completely self-promotional blog post.]

What is WhiteAfrican doing in here?I was very surprised to see that this blog, WhiteAfrican, is a finalist in the 2009 “Best Computer and Technology Blog” category in the 2009 Bloggies. From what I can remember, this is the first time that an African blog has ever made it beyond the “Africa” category in the awards. This is only the 2nd year that there has been a standalone Africa category at all (it’s usually lumped in with the Middle East). I expected AfriGadget to make the cut, so I was really surprised to see WhiteAfrican there instead…

Quite frankly, this is a REALLY long shot, as the sites that I’m up against are some of the biggest tech blogs around – Gizmodo, Mashable and Lifehacker. I mean, really… talk about David vs Goliath. The cool thing is that I’ll be at SXSW this year in Austin for the award ceremony.

Side thought

Best African blog finalistsWe need more Africans to get involved with the nomination process as I know there are a ton of excellent blogs with diverse and pertinent content that aren’t represented here. African blog readers need to help get African blogs noticed in more than just the “Africa” category of the bloggies.

So, time to represent Africa, let’s see what we can do!

(Note: the Bloggies page scrolls sideways. I know, odd…)

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