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The Constant Gardener

John le Carre wrote a book called The Constant Gardener a couple of years ago that takes place in Kenya. He is best known for his Cold War spy thrillers such as The Spy Who Came in From the Cold. The Constant Gardener is a very engaging read about corporate espionage and murder. He showcases large pharmaceutical companies as unethical monstrosities and government agencies and embassies as beholden to outside interests. Through it all you’ll bump around in familiar Nairobi settings, that is if you ever got to the Muthaiga area, or if you know the Upper Hill area around the British Consulate.

Anyway, I just found out that the movie is being made (hopefully following this very well written book’s storyline closely). Here is a link to the trailer:

The Constant Gardener
The Constant Gardener – Trailer


  1. Loved the book…can’t wait to see if the movie can capture the state of Kenyan affairs under the government at the time….not that they seem much better with the current govt.

  2. You know how most movies based on books are usually far different than the original story, but I too hope that they can stay close to the main theme. I just don’t want another “Bourne Identity” to happen.

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