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What’s Your Superpower?

What's YOUR superpower?

A colleague and I had a discussion recently regarding a particular client over what to do to deal with a potentially sticky situation. My reply was to play it down, and make as little of a deal of it as possible, then to shift gears into other areas of mutual interest to deflect attention from the negatives. To my surprise my colleague stated: “that’s your superpower!”

“What?”, I replied in confusion.

“That’s your superpower. You can somehow make a molehill out of a mountain!”

Now, the thinking-man in me started to ponder this idea. Not in the “am I spiderman?” sense, more of the “interesting…” type of way. I think it touches on what we usually recognize as peoples gifts. Lebron is a gifted basketball player, Mel Gibson is a gifted actor, and I have a friend who is gifted at making an ass of himself.

You see, each person does have a superpower. My colleague told me that hers was shopping. I’m not one to judge, but I’m quite happy with mine at the moment. True, it doesn’t allow me to make millions playing a sport I love, nor does it secure me in the knowledge that I’m wearing the trendiest clothing, but it does help me in other (less fiduciary) ways.

So, what’s your superpower?


  1. Maybe it is true, i think mine is a perceived sense, i can almost see when something is about to happen . Sadly enough even death.

  2. So did you perceive me laughing at you?

  3. SuperPower – I think mine would have to be makeing molehills out of mountains, OR, the ability to not get too stressed!

  4. Swoosh – Your’s is the ability to make good chai. Kabisa. You have no other superpowers…

  5. Hm. I think bugging out might be my superpower. Or the ability to entertain myself. Or ternary operators…

  6. I wish my superpower was flying, but I guess I’ll have to go with intuition reagrding the emotional state of others…which comes in handy, of couse, but flying would rock.

  7. Aly, I completely agree. If I could choose my superpower it would be flying or invisibility, but “mountains to molehills” works for me right now.

    David, what type of bugging out are we talking about? The, “he just took off and left everyone!” type? Or mabye the, “dude, that guy just flipped the hell out!” type?

  8. Man, I wish I could heal. I always pictured myself putting hands on the affected spot (in my raunchier healing daydreams it was healing a strapping rugby player who had been punched in the…), a blue light would issue from my hands, and bam! You’re healed.

    Unfortunately, I think the only superpower I have is getting stuff said. That’s all. Things get said. Sometimes it’s things that need to get out there that no one else is foolhardy enough to say (like “I dig you, man” and “you’re a really, really good person”), and sometimes it’s stuff that no one should ever say. And mostly I just talk too much.


  9. Bugging out? I’ll quote Tribe Called Quest on that one:

    “You soar off to another world, deep in your mind… ”

    Maybe I should replace “bug” with “zone” –

    This thread reminds me of something I saw on Fray a while back…

  10. Great link David. The comments section are just hilarious!

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