Today I wanted to highlight some of my friend’s blogs. Good writers all of them, and well worth a read.

David Seruyange on Nairobi’s Little Prince:

David SeruyangePerhaps it’s only fitting that Nairobi’s little prince was the son of a bureaucrat. He was named after the patron saint of England, although the massive following he had called out “Joh-gee!” in high pitched voices that hadn’t broken as they moved from machine to machine in the Sarit Centre video game arcade. (read more)

African Wanderings on Education in Africa: Colonialism and Development:

African WanderingsFreire was also a revolutionary in education and he restated many times that any group of ‘outside educators’ who had grown up and been educated in a privileged situation where teachers are educated by former European systems, curricula and processes and those elites who travel to Europe, North America and overseas to continue an elite education, are distanced from the people they might, hopefully, return home to teach. Indeed, the elitism of European class education has failed virtually everywhere in today’s Africa. (read more)

Paul on Time and the Word “No”:

Lika A Fire - Paul MartinWhen someone asks you to do something that you can’t do for whatever reason, say, “no.” Don’t make excuses or explain, just say no. (read more)

Ande on My Kryptonite:

Holding out for Grace But it dawned on me that though my super hero powers are few (very few) i do have a kryptonite that is crushing and even leaves me often times powerless and in tears. What is it? (read more)