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The New Designers

I’m fascinated with good design. This is most likely due to the fact that I’m not a designer myself, so I really appreciate it when I see others doing a great job. This whole Web 2.0 movement has caused a lot of new start-ups – many of them have a new look and feel that is much more simplified. They focus on what is important, reducing clutter, and ensuring a great user experience.

Some of the top designers with examples:

Obviously, there are many many more designers and design examples out there, but I hope this gives everyone an idea of what’s happening in the trendy design world. 9 Rules is a great blog network to visit that has a list of outstanding new designers, make sure you check them out too. It’s not surprising that many of those listed here are already a part of the 9 Rules stable.


  1. dude, why wouldn’t you list me as one of the hot new designers? the cluttered, small font, generic template look of Addison Road doesn’t count as Web 2.0? Come on!

  2. You were the next one on my list Michael, really. The post was just getting too long though and I didn’t have the space. 🙂

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