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Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is all the buzz these days. It’s something I’ve been very interested in before it was even dubbed “Web 2.0” by O’Reilly as a marketing term for their conference.

Mike over at Addison Rd still has the best write-up on what Web 2.0 is. I shamelessly use his paragraph when trying to explain the concept to clients. It’s that good:

Web 2.0 is exploding. It’s a new way of thinking about design, user experience, identity, social connection, and integration that all gets bundled up together in one handy phrase, “Web 2.0”.
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Anyway, someone’s put together a really neat visual smashup of all the logos of these companies. Call it Logo 2.0.

Logo 2.0

Even better, you can edit Web 2.0 with another Web 2.0 application. Perfect!


  1. Not sure if you caught it, but did you see Paul Graham’s post on Web 2.0?

  2. David, yes I read that essay. Once again, Paul Graham is on top of things. I agree with him about the title starting out as just marketing fluff, but if you look behind the marketing you see that some really good stuff is happening. Different stuff, stuff that works and is good for the end user.

    I don’t believe the hype, I believe in the quality products that are being created. 30Boxes, Digg, SideJobTrack, 37Signals, Reddit, Campaign Monitor and Delicious are just a few of the top notch new apps out that are amazing and have differentiated themselves from what has gone before.

  3. omg that pxn8 is amazing!

  4. plz send me the different logos on my email adress shariqiqbal13@hotmail.com

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