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The Best Project Management Software for Freelancers

I’ve had a running battle going between two web-based software applications that I really like for project management. SideJobTrack and Basecamp are both quality products that I’ve really come to enjoy using. However, for my freelance style of work, SideJobTrack takes the prize.

Influencing my decision are two very important elements. First, I’m a web marketing strategist that (now) works for a large corporation, which means I need a piece of software that I can use to track my side jobs. I don’t need to track many projects, or even very complicated ones, just a simple tool to help me keep organized. Second, SideJobTrack is free while you have to pay a minimum of $12/month for Basecamp.

SideJobTrack makes it very simple to add new tasks and billing associated with them. Their use of AJAX within the project management area is intuitive and really makes the whole process a breeze. Invoices are created in a format that allows you to email it out immediately, or apply your own styles to it so you can add your own custom field. Overall, a very well designed product that has all I need to do my side jobs.


  1. Hey Basecamp absolutely did it for me and the single project service was free..scuks if its now costs 12 bucks….though ima give sidejobtrack a try –

    keep up the great blogging

  2. I tried basecamp togehter with a small developer-team, but it never really worked since those other folks didn’t use it. Right now I put most of my docs into my mediawiki. Its really great but depends on organizing all myself. It seems that SideJobTrack is more like for single freelancer projects? Might be worth a try for me as well…

  3. Yeah, I think it’s different strokes for different folks (and work styles) on this one. Both are quality products, and there are also other quality products out there that are good for slightly different uses. However, this is the one that does it for me, so I’m happy.

  4. I’ve tried sidejobtrack first. But I actually like CollabTRAK more as a free project tracker with unlimited projects. I do freelance web design and I like how easy it is to use. Plus it has paypal built in for my customer. here is the url if anyone else wants to check it out: http://www.collabtrak.com

  5. Hey, I use CollabTRAK too. It’s pretty awesome in it’s simplicity. I haven’t had a need to try the other ones…

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