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Looking for a Job? Simply Brilliant!

Whoever Jeff Clark is, thumbs up. I mean really, how many marketing companies are contacting this guy right now?

Jeff Clark

More people need to try and differentiate themselves like this. True, not everyone has the skills to market themselves like this exactly, but they should at least be thinking of ways to stand out from the crowd in their own field.

(thanks to Seth for the link)


  1. “Get that warm little feeling inside. Make your peers jealous.”

    Indeed, this is just a brilliant approach. Thx for sharing!

  2. What a genius. Seen the same thing sort of thing before, but not nearly as well designed, and as well written. I’d hire him in a flash, if i had the money…

    Added you to my blogroll White African. Great site.

  3. Yeah, many guys have a portfolio online, especially web designers. What this guy is really showing is initiative and a desire for the best job for him out there. Things that companies will look well upon.

  4. some guy here in switzerland last year did a billboard-campaing to get a job.

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