There are a lot of smaller companies who have been developing web-based calendars over the last year, but yesterday one of the “big boys” launched their version: Google. Web-based calendars really are useful, making the ability to keep track of your busy life possible no matter where you are, and no matter if you have your personal computer with you or not. Here are a couple worth looking at:

Google has launched its calendar service at today, which is big news in the web application world. Techcrunch has a great writeup on it. I like what they have to offer, it really does look like a good service. If you already have a Gmail account, or use a personalized Google start page, it only make sense to start integrating into their calendar.

A calendar service that I’ve been using for the past couple of months, that I really like, goes by the name 30Boxes. I wrote about it a little while back. I would definately suggest trying it out, it is very simple and easy to use.

Others worthy of a mention:

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