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Voting Time

So, there are two things that I hope people will take the time to vote on.

First, the “Web Technology Idea for Africa” that I’m trying to get published at ChangeThis. I need a strong push to get the 300 votes necessary, so if you think it’s worth having published, please email your friends from the ChangeThis website. I’m sitting right around 160 votes and could really use everyones help to get the second half of the votes needed by this Thursday.

Vote for the African Technology Manifesto!

Second, the Kenyan Blog Awards are right around the corner. Vote for the blogs that you think should win. At this time, nomination are over, so it’s up to the Kenya Blog Ring members to do the voting, so send your vote into: vote@kenyaunlimited.com

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  1. Hi Erik, I did notice that from the website your proposal is ranked # 4 and over the weeks it has been ranked # 1 on several occasions. (Presumably this ranking is by number of vote) So regardless of the total number of votes it gets, I want to say Congratulations! And I think the number of votes suggests that you do indeed have a great working idea there.

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