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Create a Book out of Your Blog

Blurb Cooking Book CoverI wrote about Blurb a little while back. It’s a new service that allows you to print a real book out of your blog. You can also print other items besides your blog, they suggest: Baby Book, Dog book, Cat book, Cookbook, Photo book, Poetry book, or your Portfolio.

My guess is that most people will use it to print photo books, blogs and possibly baby books. Just guessing though. Either way, I’ve been following Blurb for a little while and think it’s a great step forward for independant writers, photographers and artists.

Another neat feature is the Blurb Bookstore, where you can choose to publish your book, automatically increasing the exposure to whatever it is that you created.

There is another alternative as well, you might want to take a look at Picaboo who also does photo books.

Note: What they don’t tell you is that you still need an eye for design in order to make them look good. Sure, you can create an awesome cookbook, but don’t expect the cover to look as good as the one above unless you know what you’re doing (or have a friend who does).

4 Bloggers who I think should consider creating a blog book:

Know a blog or blogger that you think should print their blog? List them in the comments section below.


  1. this dude also writes well and i think he would make a good book .http://koranteng.blogspot.com/ checkout his things fall apart series – absolute classics if you ask me

  2. Maitha, you’re absolutely right that there are more bloggers that should think about printing some of their stories. Koranteng’s stuff is really well written.

    I’ve ammended the post to ask people to suggest a blogger that they think should be on the list.

  3. Interesting – I knew David Seruyange from back in the day in Nairobi! Know him too? It is a small world

  4. @Hash – I think JKE – writing on ecofriendly technology that is cost effective and good for poor nations like Kenya.

  5. Ati, me? LOL! You know, IF I print my blog into book format and show it to my sister, she would reply that I definetely have way to much time I am wasting on blogging.

    Great idea though…

    @Irena: we should start to convince Ken of http://ngishili.com/ on this…ama?

  6. @J: Ken = yes , very talented writer!!

  7. http://afrikaneye.blogspot.com/ is one that i would add to this list. Beautiful writing and pictures.

  8. Me I want one, I want one pleeeez ! I want one…!!!

  9. Thanks for the plug, the compliment and the on-going blog-life support. I am humbled and honored in equal measure.

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