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The Cost of Connecting to the Web (worldwide)

AfroM referenced an article in Wired Magazine’s May issue titled The Cost of Staying Connected. I’ve had that magazine sitting on my desk for a week, but haven’t had the time to crack it open. Interested in what I might find, I opened it up to this graphic. Basically, it covers the average cost of getting connected to the internet at cafes in a random selection of countries worldwide.

Worldwide Internet Connection Costs
Click image for a larger version

What I find the most interesting is that they split up the price per hour and the percentage of GDP per capita per day. In other words, it might be more expensive to get online in New York, New York ($12.80/hr), but it took a higher percentage of the average persons wages in D.R. of the Congo (68.4%).

Thanks for the heads-up AfroM!


  1. $1.60 (R10) for an hour in Cape Town??
    I wish… it’s not even that cheap for 15 mins!

  2. Hey Coda, one of my favorite South African designers! Glad you stopped by. (so… how much to redesign my blog?) 🙂

    I’m sure their numbers aren’t 100% accurate. Maybe someone at Wired called up a friend in Jo’burg and asked him what he thought the going rate was at the internet cafe… Or, maybe they actually did do a better study.

    Either way, it’s an interesting graphic.

  3. 😉
    Subscribed to your feed a while ago, thanks for the interesting reading.

  4. Coda: The Catwalk in Sea Point, man. R10 for an hour! (Other than that place, though, it’s pricey…)

    I once read somewhere that if one wants to download 100GB of something, it’s cheaper — and faster — for someone in South Africa (because of Telkom’s strict bandwidth limits) to fly to Hong Kong, download the information in an Internet cafe and fly back. It’s not cheap, but cheaper.

  5. Great post Hash

    You might find this article interesting.


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