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Wow, I never thought I’d see the day that this happened. All of my friends from places like Juba Model School, or even those who lived in Juba, Sudan over the years should get a kick out of this. The Juba Post is an online newspaper for that particular region of Southern Sudan.

the Juba Post Online

Looking in their archives, it appears that it actually first came out in June – and I’m just now hearing about it. Obviously, an online edition is only really useful for those who have computers, so it’s not for the average Sudanese. However, it does a good job of speaking There is also a “Juba Accomodation Guide“, in case you choose to visit.

All-in-all, I’m very impressed. This took some initiative, and I’m excited to see that there is some success coming out of that war torn region.


  1. I’ve heard there is an Internet cafe in Yei. In fact, I received an email sent from there. This is paradigm shifting stuff for Sudan. May it continue to grow.

  2. wow, this is cool!

  3. Hi,
    I have just learned of your online news edition recently, i really enjoy it, it shows how fast things in terms of technology are moving there. I always look forward to read new edition of news, i hope you are on the way to make it daily. Keep it up.

    Daniel Swaka, North- West University (Potchesftroom campus), South Africa.

  4. Hey Daniel, thanks for your kind words. I hadn’t really thought of this blog as a news service – but I guess it is in it’s own way. Look for a much better type of African news service when Zangu launches (eventually)…

  5. Hi,
    manytimes Iread your newspaper online .I t’s my favourite newspaper, but the calim on it is that thereis no field for providing c.v of the job seeker like which is made by Alileen.com website. please try to supply us by location of how we can provide our c.v of the people of jobseeker.

    thank you,

    mohamed musa-sudan -khartoum

  6. Don’t be surprised to see such things happening in Southern Sudan, a forgotten land if you will. As someone whose umblican cord was burried in that land, I know people are determined to do what it takes to develop their country.

    With the war over, nothing will prevent the south from coming out of the ashes of the civil war. You will soon see a lot of southern Sudanese expatriates coming in with cash, skills, and knowledge in the few coming years or so as long as there are favorably policies in place to encourage economic development.

    The only thing southerners need is a strong government and south Sudan will be a self-reliant role model to the rest of the sub-Saharan African countries. The citizens of the south have learned much during the civil war and I think something will be telling them in their long struggle for economic development not to follow the path our brothers who gained their independence fifty years ago are currently trapped in.

    As an African, it ashamed me to see most of the African govenrments beg for foreign aid year round which only give the rest of the world a negative impression about Africa and I hope southern Sudan will not fall into such similar situation of economic stagnation and pauperism with some elements of corruption and neglect.

  7. I thank Mr. Deng Akuei for have this conciseness about our newly born Southern Sudan, for the matter of fact, S/ Sudan.

    We have strong government in the south, but there are some selfish individuals who want to enrich him in a day. Richness is a process and straggle that takes long and needs tolerance to achieve.

    I appreciate the move our H.E Presidents (Kiir) has taken about corruption were some of the hungry lions were tripped. This will force the rest to be in the same pipe line as expected.

    Sgt. Jada Alesio

  8. Alafi Isaac Alfred

    April 2, 2007 at 7:29 am

    Hi Sgt Jada, I would like to thank you for the wonderful comment you made about the corruption scandal in our beloved country(southern Sudan), corrupyion is like a big snake with a wide mouth that wants to swallow social order in the country therefore, me too has the same view that our president has acted reasonably to trap these snakes and he should not tolerate such acts since they retardsdevelopmental aspects in South Sudan.

  9. John Den gKut

    April 4, 2007 at 7:48 am

    For those remark on how we should progress or being eaten up by the powerful and the greediest generals.We and them should also know that the forty days of a thief are over,now now the man on guard of the good people of Southern Sudan,has know that the government is for the people,not people for the government and that the long hand of the government have to act,my lament is that I’m happy that Major General Mamur is behind the bars for security breech and that Finance Minster Author Kuein is also behind the bars for greed mishandling of public fund .Its for the good of the people who had not known peace or what is a real good fruit of motherland Southern Sudan.Thanks brother Akuei,Alesio,Alfred and Juba Post the voice in the wilderness shoud be had

  10. Everything about Southern Sudan sounds to my ear like a day dream. It is facinating reading articles or sometimes hear of the booming trade inside southern sudan. I think south sudanese have learnt how to do business which their grand parents were ignorant about. Is it a practace they learnt from their neihbours Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and D R Congo? Well, I wish every sudanese to prosper in their business.

  11. Well,the better way is that we should be aware on products, we are buying and those that we are selling.Our friends[the mention countries on Lino’s email] are business minded and so,Southern Sudan is a market where anything that is not standardize can be sold creating a damping ground,since there is no awareness on what we buy or sale,I request the Government of Southern Sudan to set up a body that should determine the better quality and quantity of product before reaching our markets.
    The government should also view customs rules,employ qualified staffs and introduce equipment for checking and for off lording and lording for time saving and easy work. it will also save revenue for the government and money for the traders.At the border some time there are diplomats must of the time and so there is need for eligible staffs,these staffs also should also have to have the knowledge to test produces.
    All in all we are well be for better.

  12. Michael Pitya L.Loro

    May 21, 2007 at 1:27 am

    I just bumbed into this website while surfing through Juba Post. It is really great to see that there is a lot of enthusiasm from you folks in the diaspora. I guess it is high time you pack up and hit home. There is much to be done. Kenyans and Ugandans are stealing the show, from some GOSS offices to the almost all NGOs. English has become the main language.

    Our brothers and sisters who were held in Juba all this time are almost virtually not fitting in places of work like NGOs. I just bumped int a 50 year old Southerner with no Arabic whatsoever. Though Arabic came with the fucking Northern policies, we just cannot shun it at a go.

  13. Bravo Juba post!I have been reading some of your articles from time to time and discovered that Juba post is truely independent and patriotic as far as Sudan issues are concerned. Could you please provide more online life debates facilities so that we discuss Sudan issues from economic, cultural,social and political issues. Please open a wider cyber space for the Sudan and more so Southern Sudan.

  14. I got this interesting article by John Ashworth in the internet. would love if you can publish it for others to read.

    The Next Sudanese War


    By John Ashworth
    June 24, 2007

    The year is 2011. As the SPLA Antonov makes its second high altitude pass over the GIAD military industrial complex south of Khartoum, people run around in wild panic – nobody had warned them to dig bomb shelters. Smoke from the first stick of bombs drifts amongst the factories along with the screams of the wounded and dying. Radio Omdurman has been trumpeting the success of Khartoum’s forces in quickly overrunning Renk, Melut and Bentiu (not surprising really, as so many northern forces were already there “protecting” the oil fields) but plays down the heavy losses they are taking around Malakal. The government radio station also fails to mention the speed with which SPLA forces mobilised in Blue Nile and the Nuba Mountains, and joined with opposition forces from Darfur, Kordofan and the Eastern Front to pose a serious threat to the flanks of the government columns invading the south. Government propaganda is quick to blame outside intervention. Uganda and Eritrea are the more credible “usual suspects” but the USA and Israel are thrown in to garner some Arab sympathy. There are rumours of heavy fighting in Khartoum itself. Embassies report that they can hear continuous gunfire and see bodies in the streets, but a total curfew and news black-out has prevented any details from emerging.

    Back to 2007. Peace has come to southern Sudan. Southerners were exhausted by the war and welcomed the peace. But even as the CPA was being signed, the mantra throughout the south was, “War is better than a bad peace”. And too many southerners, when asked now what are the benefits after two years of peace, are saying, “Well, the Antonov no longer bombs us, and there is freedom of movement, but apart from that, very little has changed.” Where is the promised peace dividend?

    Already the NCP/NIF is using every means at its disposal to delay and undermine the implementation of the CPA. A number of key commissions have not yet been formed, or have been formed but have hardly ever met (and in the case of the Abyei Border Commission, has had its report rejected by the NCP). Northern forces have not yet left the south, and there are reports that in the oil fields they are actually being reinforced. SPLM ministers in the GNU have no real power or influence. National government is still run by the NCP/NIF without serious reference to SPLM. The northern security apparatus has not been dismantled. Southerners believe they are not receiving their true 50% share of the oil. The billions of dollars promised for reconstruction and development has been slow to arrive and basic services are still lacking across most of the south. The war in Darfur drags on, leading to regional instability. The census is delayed, which will cause a delay in the elections scheduled for 2008. Some excuse will be found to delay the referendum in 2011. If that fails, the referendum will be rigged. And if that too fails, and southerners manage to vote for secession, then some mechanism will be found (possibly with the connivance of members of the international community and even the AU, who don’t want to see another new state in Africa) to avoid actually granting independence. “Too many agreements dishonoured”, to quote Uncle Abel Alier, and southerners are determined that this one will not be dishonoured without a fight. Both sides are preparing for war.

    The third southern civil war in Sudan will be more terrible than the first two, and will have some very different characteristics.

    Both the previous wars began with the government controlling the south. The liberation movements began in the bush and had to fight to control territory gradually. The third war will begin with the SPLA in control of virtually the whole south, except perhaps parts of the oil fields which are still occupied by northern security forces. Fighting will begin on the north-south border. Northern forces will invade, and may quickly capture some of the towns close to the border. However SPLA will maintain its hold on most of the south, giving it secure rear bases and an undisputed border with friendly neighbours. It will be able to reinforce its forward bases rapidly and maintain its military logistics flow. A limited war to annex the oil fields of Greater Upper Nile and the rich agricultural lands of Renk, Kordofan and Blue Nile may be all that Khartoum wants, but southerners will not rest easy while any of the south remains in northern hands. And next time round they might go the extra mile to secure a referendum for their comrades-in-arms in the contested areas too.

    SPLA has vowed that it will take the third war to the north. Both previous wars were fought in the south, apart from Abyei, the Nuba Mountains and southern Blue Nile. When Kurmuk, a town which the northerners perceive as northern, was taken in 1987 and again in 1997, there was consternation throughout the north.

    SPLA will have air power during the next war. “Air power” does not have to be very sophisticated. In the second civil war Khartoum found itself unable to make effective military use of its jet fighter bombers and helicopter gunships as they got shot down by ground fire too easily. In fact its air power had very little military value at all. Helicopter gunships were used in support of militias against civilians in various ethnic cleansing exercises, and the notorious Antonov bombed civilians for several years; both these activities continue in Darfur. The north theoretically has air-to-air and ground-to-air interception capability, but in the 2.4 million square kilometres which make up Sudan’s air space it is likely that SPLA Antonovs and gunships will have plenty of opportunity to cause panic amongst civilians in the north.

    There are 1,500 SPLA troops in Khartoum in the Joint Integrated Units. If war breaks out, they are unlikely to sit back and surrender their arms. They will be joined by SLA forces and there could be a spontaneous uprising by southerners and westerners in the displaced camps and shanty towns around the three cities. Whatever the outcome, it will be very bloody before it is put down. As the rioting following the death of Dr John Garang demonstrated, it could quickly turn into mass ethnic killing. Blood will run in the streets of the capital.

    In the next war, SPLA has ready-made allies, some already mobilised and battle-hardened. The war will probably not start in the Nuba Mountains and southern Blue Nile (the late Yussuf Kuwa used to say that he did not want his area to be responsible for keeping the southerners from peace, and current leaders are likely to follow that philosophy) but these two areas have obtained nothing from the CPA and they will be eager to fight alongside the south again. There are fears that tensions in Kordofan will escalate into open conflict even now; if the southern war starts again, Khartoum may be surprised to find that many of its former Baggara allies have realised the extent to which they have been used, abused, manipulated and marginalised by Khartoum, and this time will fight alongside the south. The Eastern Front is now at peace, but who can tell whether their peace agreement will be honoured or dishonoured? In any case, if there is a general outbreak of hostilities again, they may well have little option but to join in, especially if Eritrea supports them. Darfur is a natural ally for the south. Since most of the initial fighting is likely to be on the north-south border, these allies will threaten the flanks and the rear of Khartoum’s invasion force.

    Both sides are preparing for war. In the two previous civil wars, the south was unprepared, and its liberation armies began from very small ad hoc forces. This time the south will begin with a large standing army and with arms and materiel which it could never have dreamed of before. The north will probably have more sophisticated weaponry and will have more of everything, but it lacks committed troops. Much of Khartoum’s front line army consisted of southerners and westerners; it is by no means certain that they will do their master’s bidding a third time. “Real” northerners have shown a marked reluctance to get their hands dirty in real fighting. The PDF, a mixture of local mujahidiin and reluctant conscripts, has not proved too effective as a fighting force. Much of the real fighting was done by militias, and their loyalty cannot be guaranteed in the next war. SPLA troops, on the other hand, will be fighting on their home ground to defend their own nation. Their morale will be high.

    Many southerners are already convinced that there will be a third war. The only discussion is when. Will it start around the time of the referendum in 2011, or will there be some earlier trigger – perhaps the census, or elections, or militia activity, or whatever? But it is not inevitable. If there is enough realism by all stakeholders at an early enough stage, then some of the problems can be addressed. The basic problem, whether in Darfur, the south or the east, is at the centre – the domination of Sudanese political systems by a small riverain elite, currently embodied in the NCP/NIF regime, which seeks to control and marginalise the peripheries whilst also insisting on a particular cultural and religious identity for the whole of Sudan. If the international community remains in denial and the NCP/NIF regime is allowed to continue undermining the CPA, and if southerners are not allowed to exercise their right of self-determination in a free, fair and credible manner, then war there will be.

  15. Sign of Hope is a desire of Southern Sudan Organism at Large

    In more than two decades, Sudan has been at war. The deadliest war that rift it apart, leaving two million people dead and 4 million others displaced is now coming to an end. The signing of current peace fact known as Comprehensive Peace Agreement CPA shows that the hope that was misplaced is now being regained back. Despite significant changes happened during tribulation in Sudan, the ideal hope brought forth in it realm bore relieve of homesick as every living being has desire to come home. It is true that peace by itself explains the feeling of various organisms known as people, animals, and birds, at large desiring to come back home.
    Coming back to home is not a shameful desire, but the fact is that, only if it is not safe for people to return. The reason is that, if war is still raging, no one can have desire, except the one capable to defense the land such as young men for nobody can fight for their freedom. As the peace has determined, there has been no explanations to people about going home. No consultations have been made although couple contacts have been held by the leaders. When the signatory agreement was inked, boisterous voice indicating people’s need for going home remains outstanding. Therefore, many people come to realize the beauties of their ancestors’ home which they have left for so long. After the signing of peace, it disclosed the symbol of hope which was awaited. Than encountering about coming home, a great number of people have arrived with the support from UN. Also, those who reside abroad, some of them have arrived as well showing to brothers and sisters that what has been achieved is something important. Refugees from Khartoum were repatriated as a result of tripartite agreement signed for voluntary repatriation. Same has happen from refugees living in four great camps in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and central Africa as well have also come back home.
    Moreover, animals are part of this signatory peace fact, even though they were not represented during peace agreement. Their contribution to the success of the CPA is what can be seen as large scale migration from neighboring countries back to South Sudan. Instantly, “Lone elephant elders were first spotted exploring their old territories” to find out whether the situation is calm no gun roaring, no shutting, and no people hunting them. Such things like these explain various desires for coming home, for Southern Sudan has been a home to most living organism. Now, when these elephants come, other animals such as antelopes, deer, giraffes, buffalos, gazelles and several more have followed. A result to that becomes, “the reappearance of the elephants” which is one of the “greatest symbols of southern Sudanese hopes for peace.” A hope that cannot be acclaimed by a single person as it is his/her is binding all hope. We can see these animals, praising their return like the people of Southern Sudan that hold the golden cup known as autonomous GOSS in hand. It is with no doubt that, “they’re a source of pride and national identity for the ethnic African southerners dreaming of independence from the north.” As a nation with hope for self-autonomy, and great desire to rule ourselves, our feeling is spontaneously expressed by our animals. And that reminded us right now of the important of peace as being the awaited hope, and to remain cautious about the coming of our animals back to home too. These animals need refuge, for they have contributed as well when war was going on. We can acknowledge the truth that we have been relying on them for so long as the source of foods.
    The same contribution was seen also from our birds. In summer time when people wait for the harvest they would rely on birds such as geese, ostriches, and several more. And during winter it would be fishes, although they are not birds, the people would spend winter fishing as food for them. One cannot deny the aspect of migration as one way, when animals migrated, even the birds migrated. However, when the animals start coming back to South, the birds also incline that feeling as such for everyone has great desire to come home. Our home right now will be the great site for tourists to see their favorite animals and birds. In spite of the NCP is failure to implement other key protocols, great desire is seen pledged by various organism that one day Southern Sudan would remain an independence state.
    In conclusion, Southern Sudan is recognized by its people, animals, and birds of different kind that it is home. A home that will feed them has come back to normal so that they desire to come back to it. The calm situation surfacing is seen from all over across Southern Sudan by people, animals, and birds despite NCP’s role against it. The final desire acknowledged by these organisms is what they wishes as independence south. Whatever a change, only SPLM and the NCP will determine, for the overall fate of the people’s struggle is to them.

    Nhial Korow Wichleek, the author of this article, is a student pursuing bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He can be reached at korow1st@yahoo.ca

  16. With the presence of New Seed of Justice: A state of Livelihood Becomes a Revival
    As it becomes a subject matter to many researchers, analysts, advocates, and human right fighters, southern Sudan has been picking up on a daily basis a revival it has lost for long years. Southern Sudan, a land approximately compared with the size of French, has long been neglected and experienced a trauma of marginalization from the Northern counterpart, the Muslim dominated north. However, two years ago, a peace was signed which is now known as the Comprehensive Peace Agreement inked wholeheartedly although bothersome indeed. The finalization of the comprehensive peace agreement came about when the two main partners the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and National Congress Party (NCP) inked their delicate commitment on to ending an act of inhumane which has dragged for so long killing 2.5 million in the south and displaced 4 million others to foreign countries. As the whole world realized the presence of peace, southern Sudan has attracted multi-donor trust funds and corporations from across all countries. The aim of these trust funds and corporations is to help rebuild the neglected South Sudan to restore human suffering, psychological recovery, and maintaining a culture of its kind by consolidating rule of law.
    Restoring human suffering, the rebuilding of Southern Sudan has become one of a challenging task. For a country that has been ravaged, it has a lot to do with transforming the suffering caused by long years of war. Despite recent changes provided by international body, the broken education system, the social despair, an awkward social lifestyle, and several conditions describing human suffering have been encroached due to the act of uncertainty committed by the Muslim north of the country to Southerners. Diverting its old philosophy of warlike experience into maintaining a social condition which is to encounter the longtime suffering that created inhumane, the Southern Sudan has become another frontline. A frontline that is to battle out every single problem such as lack of education, antisocial well being, rehabilitating the health problem being faced for years, and fight with the diseases contributed in stubbing the Southerners in the back is what has now been started. It is enthusiastic indeed to all Southerners all over across the nationwide to experience peace which brought hope and change for futurity. Although being interrupted again by the NCP for not implementing the key main protocol signed in 2005, yet this glimmer of hope will not be concealed by the Southerners.
    As of 2005 Peace agreement, psychological healing has taken turn. A joyful sheering reveals happiness as the southerners felt in love with the peace. Signs of disgust, hatred, and anxiety are getting away slowly. This acknowledges that the people of Southern Sudan have become better off to relieve their internal grieves which have long been traumas. Pushed forward by these none governmental organizations working on the ground, with the support of a young infantry government known as the Government of Southern Sudan, this psychological feeling that brought affection to southerners have already started to heal. Neither the attractiveness of the peace initiated during the CPA nor building hope in NCP, the golden cup of hope is in hand, but only we will destroy it. Southern Sudan has never gained any support worldwide like the one it has gained this time. It is because international body, human right activists, and democratic nations have felt the hardship southerners have been through. It is because they know that if they are supported, they can acknowledge the glimmer of hope and begin to transform themselves to bridge the gap of long years suffering.
    As a nationwide objective, the 2005 peace accord has planted a New Seed of Justice within Southern Sudan. The disarmament put forth thoroughly through couple of areas in the South indicates the function of New Seed of Justice (NSJ) facilitated by UNDP, and other none governmental organizations rehabilitating the South. Random killing and several other acts of injustices throughout the South would be eliminated by the New Seed of Justice, a justice working to restore the laws. Thanks to democratic countries such as United States, and several other countries for their contribution to the success of the South, and also for attributing this democracy into Sudan in general, particularly the South. Each of us would imagine how wonderful it becomes for people to move freely without robberies, vandals, and gang related thieve stealing person’s belonging. New Seed of Justice has become a profound theme of maintaining the rule of law to make a difference starting from the very heart of the Southern Sudan capital Juba. This New Seed of justice has restored a state of livelihood, and make the South revive to its feet.
    It is only a matter of time for the South Sudan to pick up the modernization needed by its people. Once, all form of injustices are cleaned, it would spontaneously restore back a safe condition awaited by the Southerners. Psychological healing would also take turn with the presence of social progress that helps reduce suffering on the ground. Finally, the cultural way of life will be reinforced by consolidating the rule of law throughout the South Sudan. And then Southerners would realize the fate of struggle, and the change they have gained at last.

    “I must study politics and war, that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history and naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain,” said John Adams.

    This article is authored by Nhial Korow Wichleek. He is a student at Canadian University College. He can be reached at korow1st@yahoo.ca

  17. Christmas is all about love, gifts and enjoying the birth of christ. In most cases, Christmas is quite admirable as most individuals opt for re-unions. It is about voicing up for glorifying the lord for descending his beloved son to died for us in order that we should be saved. However, as the christmas is coming to past, we should be able to confront the new year with happiness so that harmony should be our priority. It is such a task that I think we should do to avoid chellanges facing us always. I believed that the year 2007 has been the year of chellanges. The tireless thinking about the stand off between the two main partners has overwhelmed the individuals’ mind as most think it will revert to war. Progresses of development, and services delivery have been underway, but in slow move. These came as a result of lack of implementaion of the CPA on the side of National Congress Party. But, right now new phase has come in which we should be able to become humble, and genuinely ambrace the beaties of the new year. Perhaps, things will get better this time as the pending issues are resolved. Perhaps, our leaders will enter into new year with new way of bringing into account a good governance that would lead to a unified South Sudan. I am upluoding my joyful voice to all fellow Southerners over the course of christmas and happy new year. We are most precious like all other people around the globe. For that, it is good that we should acknowledge our sense of identity so that others will know who we are.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New year

  18. I still dont trust the arabs , they will mess up thing if get close referendom.
    we need to buy guns to defence our self, before they attack as suddly,then think about develpment later. this people are devels.
    hibib musica (USA)


  19. Hi. We are a group at the University of Minnesota interested in researching child abduction in South Sudan. We need qualified academic researchers who reside in or near Juba and Bor to assist us starting in February 2008. We are applying for grants so could pay a reasonable amount for their work. If you know of qualified persons, please have them send me their CV to dbernard@umn.edu



    We the Dinka Community Worldwide has strongly condemned the allegations made against Mr.Arop by known figure residing in Ethiopia over the formation of the SPLM chapter. We have been following up on Nuer Gaat-Jaak, tracing the history back to the years of struggle when the Nuer of Gaat-Jaak were not loyal to the leadership of Dr. John Garang. Even today Gaat-Jaak has stepped up for the current position forgetting about their wrongdoers to the movement by endeavored positions in GoSS. If anyone knows what had happened during the struggle, he/she would realize the things Gaat-Jaak has done wrong against the movement and shouldn’t have come to be given positions in the GoSS. There is no point that Gaat-Jaak must claim the formation of the SPLM chapter, unless they are other southern Sudanese tribes with good number in Ethiopia to claim for this SPLM chapter. They are known in history as the people who have stubbed the movement in the back, and are also known that they are Ethiopian citizens. If not, they must abundance the location and relocate themselves where they came from. Now that if the GoSS has settled, it is time to give credits to those who were loyal to the movement.
    With regard to the formation of SPLM chapter by Gaat-Jaak Nuer living in Ethiopia is inappropriate and unlawful because these people are not Sudanese. We the Community of Dinka expressed our stand that it is a betrayal of the movement’s policy. We also see that it is part of putting the SPLM manifesto at risk given the fact that Ethiopia is inhabited by Gaat-Jaak alone, and that they are not qualified for forming the Chapter because Ethiopia is a sovereignty state in which its people cannot be allowed to participate in GoSS activities.
    We strongly reacted to the following accusations made against the GoSS representative Mr.Arop Kuol such as:
    1. Mr. Arop Deng Arop has been blackmailing the Ethiopian Authorities that Nuer are all Ethiopians and could not know the differences between the Ethiopians Nuer and the Sudanese Nuer, therefore, the government of Southern Sudan cannot help facilitate the return of the Southern Sudanese refugees who are willing to come back home..
    2. Mr.Arop claimed that the Nuer community in Ethiopia cannot organize the SPLM chapters because Ethiopian Authority will not recognize it based on falsify understanding that all the Nuer in Ethiopian are citizens of Ethiopian and therefore the subsequent SPLM formed will not be respected by the Ethiopian government. This is totally unacceptable because not all Nuer in the Ethiopian today are citizen, but most are just refugees just like in Nairobi, Uganda and other neighboring countries. He further claimed that he should be the only one organizing this Chapter since he is a Dinka which seemed to have no any affiliation to Ethiopia. This is not acceptable and we would like the government of Southern Sudan to understand this contradiction and confusion being caused by Mr.Arop..
    3. Mr. Arop Deng told us openly that he cannot waste his time in supporting the initiated borders peace activities because he does not know who are in the border between the Sudan and Ethiopia. This act of discrimination is a violation to our right as Southern Sudanese communities who inhabited the border with our Ethiopians brothers.
    4. Mr. Arop Deng Arop has no any good relations with the government of Gambella region and they have openly showed to him how he is not capable enough and cooperative to work with them. Series of complaints from the officials have been heard and leveled against him who according to us is true. He has been totally oblivious and ignorant of the firm relationship between the Gambela and Southern Sudan. We therefore the Southern Sudanese communities in Ethiopian condemn that act with impunity and would like the government to take action immediately.
    5. We call upon his excellence President Mayardit and Dr. Marial Benjamin to replaced Mr. Arop Deng Arop immediately as a representative of GoSS in Ethiopia, because his unacceptable behavior in the way he conduct the official businesses and his tribal discriminations will seriously damage the relationship between the people of Southern Sudan, Goss and Ethiopian government.
    6. Mr.Arop has showed a general sign of no trust by organizing a celebration for removal of Mr. Lam Akol then foreign affairs Minister after confirming that his brother Alor kuol was made the Foreign Affairs minister by saying that they have controlled the government and have no fear even in his malicious acts, he will never be removed from the office.
    We would like to aware the people of southern Sudan that, these allegations are nothing, but fabrications given the fact that Gaat-Jaak wanted to undermine the GoSS policy, and the relationship it’s to creates between the two countries.
    In conclusion, these allegations are incapable of removing Mr.Arop from being the representative of the GoSS mission to Ethiopia. However, if they repeat what they have done to the movement before, there are others ways to leave their corridor. The construction of south Sudan-Ethiopia road must be channeled through Buma all the way to Bor and leave their area. If not, the GoSS must know that they have no right to anything in Sudan because they are not Sudanese. We the Dinka Community worldwide denounced such baseless accusations, and that the GoSS must reconsider changing the policy channeled through Gaat-Jaak area due to the fact that they were and are not loyal to the movement.

    Deng Acuil chairman of the Dinka Community in North America. He can be reached at dengacuil@yahoo.com

  21. I salute all you gallant ladies and Gentlement of this dear beloved counry,SOUTH SUDAN.

    I am currently working for an NGO and so are nearly all my contemporaries.Most of us have given a real try to work with the GoSS or even state governments but got frustrated due to sickening vices that have cropped up in our societies.I have made a couple of observations about working with the government in this country:
    1.Most of the people working for GoSS are being rewarded for their struggle in the liberation.
    2.Most of the people working for state governments are those who were sticking around during the war esp. in Juba.
    3.Most of the interlectuals/youth from the disapora are absorbed by NGOs esp .The UN system.
    4.The youth/Khartoum Graduates are absorbed by the state governments(Related to my second point above).

    Anybody can agree with me that even without figures,these demographics are counter developmental.
    Wait a minute,I forgot about tribalism,nepotism,corruption and…you all know how these vices are decaying this New Country(NS).

    My question is: How will the GoSS accommondate the South Sudanese interlectuals/youth currently and largely working for NGOs esp. The UN? We all konw that most NGOs are short lived and surely have to later give direct services to our government.

    If answered properly, this question will be key in partially unlocking the stagnation in the slow progress of development in the South.

    I remain optimistic however as we built for the future.
    Thank you.

  22. To foster in difference cultures will create a great problem in the country.
    Sorry, to says because those people who are coming from Kenya and Uganda they became criminals. The behavior like East Africa people therefore, looting, randomly killing, deceiving people, drunkenness, and using fake currency forgery the adopted from Kenya and Uganda .even though people are confusing not to welcome them because we can’t known who is safe and who is not safe!! I can say no problem, welcome to Juba, South you will change after three months because they lost and we got them. They were being misleading by the above mentioned countries, moreover; don’t afraid to receive them these are our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. Thanks to readers and thanks editors . Best regards
    Anyong Mayen

  23. Sudan will never be the same again

    Feb. 22;
    In a very short period of time, Sudan has engaged herself to dismantling the Central-East African countries’ relationships. Such a move has caused too much influx which could later be named as political destabilization.

    Last year, Sudan had armed the long time Chadian rebel movement to overthrow the current president. The reason was to change the government of Chad so that the rebels could take the lead. In this failed attempt, Sudan could have been relieved from the complexity of the world political criticism held against it because the rebels could block the proposed UN mission to Sudan through Chad if it succeeded.

    The refugees that are daily streaming to Chad would be able to stop going to Chad because the supported Chadian rebelswould have strong ties with Sudan government. The Darfur rebels would also lose their host country supporting them to overrun Bashir’s administration.

    After the attempt failed, it became hilarious indeed leading to the cry of the defense minister, Hussein, which in fact was caused by heart failure.

    While paying much attention to the black-out in Chad, Kenyan election has turned to be devastating. It became the worse of it kind due to a contribution made by the Sudan government particularly Basher’s regime.

    As a matter of fact, the leading opposition leader, Raila Odinga, has support from Sudan government because Sudan has eyed the support made by Kenyan people for Southern Sudan to secede. Whatever that is, Sudan does not like any country to support the Southern Sudan to have self autonomy like the one it has since the signing of the CPA.

    In this time of the year, Kenya will have never been the same because the opponents would never come to resolving the outstanding issues during the election. If any change is to occur. it is Kenya that will work very hard to tackle the obstacles that are facing the country.

    As far as the political deadlock between Eritrea and Ethiopia is concerned, Sudan has seen an option in which it will destabilize the relationship between the two countries. The reason is quite obvious in which no one can argue about it. It is about strong ties between the Government of South Sudan and Eritrean government.

    This relationship is sickening Basher’s government because they don’t like any support made from the outside to the people of south Sudan. For example, Eritrea has begun to have refugees in which there is a buildup of a rebel movement again within Eritrea.

    Such a move is being enjoyed by Sudan government because it is their ambition to destabilize east African countries.

    On the side of Uganda, there has been off and on negotiations between the Lord’s Resistance Army and the government of Uganda. Frankly speaking, the logistic support for LRA is from Sudan in which there’s no doubt about that. That is why LRA is not willing to commit to peaceful means in handling the situation with the Ugandan government.

    The government of Sudan is always behind the negotiation held in Southern town of Juba. One example was the atrocities committed very recently by the Sudan-supported militia displacing 8,000 Equatorian people from their home towns. This is because the government of Southern Sudan is hosting the peace agreement. But to the northerners, it is not their will due to the fact that benefit will be the government of Southern Sudan because there will never be rebel force on that site. Sudan government does not feel happy about that.

    To narrow the long story short, because Sudan is being pressured the most by the international community; it lost hope thinking that it is the beginning of the end. Therefore, better that disability can be the last resort to which the magnitude of the severity will not be blocked. This brings Sudan into speedy level by rushing in creating more chaos than ever before.

    South Sudan has now become not only the autonomous government but also an independent government although there is what so called Unity Government. All the things that are going on in Southern capital are not known to the Northern government. But all the things being done in the Northern part are known to Southern Sudan government because of Unity Government existing to witness whatever is happening in the North.

    The move taken by the government of South in supporting Darfur factions is typically the most disastrous one in the eyes of Northerners. But it is quite effective and will have to remain more and more effective till the last day. This is one main important reason that Sudan will never share any political power, and will remain apart till the great division occurs within it.

    Latjor David is a southern Sudan student based in US. He can be reached at latjordavid@yahoo.ca


    Although most human right advocators put it that Abyei is a flashpoint of the new violence in Sudan, yet another flash spot in Southern Sudan is Upper Nile State. The reason is very clear as most Southerners know; it is about the two ruling parties exhibiting their sport show to normally devastated civilians living desperately over the course of the civil war. Despite the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) signed three years ago, two ruling parties collided with no back off to their stands fighting over whom to rule Upper Nile State. It seems that Southern Sudan has surrendered Upper Nile to National Congress Party. In the other hands, the circumstance with regard to leadership in Upper Nile indicates the predicament of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) that they are on the winning side as the uppermost is inactively reviving. The political engagement of the two parties thoroughly defines the dilemma aiming boldly to dehumanize the indigenous people from raising their concerns in current political arena. This resulted in the citizens of the Upper Nile being misguided by the two most powerful parties scrambling for leadership in the long run. But the fact is, this misguiding circumstance will result in lack of development, maladaptive behavior, and chaotic condition in Upper Nile State some years to come if action is not taken.
    Lack of development in Upper Nile, particularly, counties is objective reality. The ultimate goal of failing to deliver the services to Upper Nile citizens is to let Upper Nile citizens miss the postwar development surfacing across Southern Sudan. The Government of Southern Sudan has done it part by handing over the leadership to National Congress Party (NCP). As far as the political discourse is concerned, there is no doubt that National Congress Party (NCP) is aptly pursuing instability in any area located on the southern soil. To Lead the Upper Nile means that it is a potential mechanism to destabilize the south by conductive atmosphere to win the power and encourage instability in any area Southern Sudanese control. It has been proven true that roads connecting the counties to make the movement easy are simply overlooked, not as important. In the very city most Southerners know is still the same as it was years ago, not even a single road is constructed, neither the citizens are gaining from the CPA. What made GoSS scare of the National Congress Party (NCP)? Why Upper Nile State? No answer to be found as there are different political interests being played over this issue. To further this point, it is the second time since Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) that the Upper Nile leadership would be ruled by the National Congress Party (NCP). I don’t know why leadership of H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit is convinced to accept the appointment of Gatluak Deng Garang to the post of governorship in Upper Nile State. Should there be political relationship between Gatluak and Salva Kiir or it is just marginalizion of the Upper Nile citizens, and face humiliation from the National Congress Party (NCP)? Why Upper Nile, why not Aweil? The Government of Southern Sudan has been striving for change as reflected by the daily news archives, could it be that the change that was foretold is to surrender Upper Nile to the enemy or what? It doesn’t matter whatsoever the politics of the Sudanese politicians is, there will come a time for a precise change to rescue the citizens of the Upper Nile State.
    In term of maladaptive behavior, Upper Nile State has been suffering from oppression than any part of Southern Sudan the most. Money laundering, social injustice and political intimidation are what can describe the situation on the ground. To these days no sign of political change as National Congress Party (NCP) keeps spinning the wheel of development. The deep silent the Government of Southern Sudan become the least her voice is heard. Can this be eradicated? No! It has left to the people of the Greater Upper Nile to remove their spark than being removed by other people for them. Upper Nile citizens are deceived day and night that they are part of the Southern Sudan people, but not. They are left to be tried as the people to face the complex malpractice (mistreatment, intimidation, and oppression) dictating the good governance in the area. What is the purpose of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA)? It shouldn’t have been from the first place to first allowed National Congress Party (NCP) a chance to lead the State, if Upper Nile Citizens were meant to benefit and enjoy from the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).
    As most think abyei is in the burst of uncertainty, yet it is the baseline of the compulsory point linking the to be the endpoint of the two countries in the future together. It is the symptom of the disruptive behavior which enjoys different exhibitions. It is a behavior to which no one could ever treat to the fullest. But, in term of Upper Nile State, it is where the unpopular situation would explode. This includes the leadership of the Upper Nile State, mismanagement of the Upper Nile resources, poor development including maladaptive behavior concerning the welfare of the citizens. It is downplayed by the Southern Sudan Government, but it would create unrest which would have adverse impact to the entire region. It is good that the Government of Southern Sudan should act now than to wait for another more years to resolve the deadlock. If the GoSS has support for it fine, let the GoSS waits to enjoy the show. However, in my own perspective, it is unfair to submerge Upper Nile State into the leadership of the National Congress Party.
    In conclusion, it is in the interest of the NCP to feel excited about ruling the Upper Nile State. It is in the interest of the GoSS as well to see Upper Nile State being ruled twice in a row by the NCP to corrupt, and introduce social injustice in the area. But, the citizens of the Greater Upper Nile State are unhappy about this political arena. As citizens of the Upper Nile, there has to be fair leadership in which if NCP rules, therefore, chance should be given to Upper Nile citizens who are Southern Sudanese to lead. We see that it is a political marginalization, and therefore it does not comply with the interest of the citizens of the Greater Upper Nile. Governor Gatluak Deang is nothing but destruction. Like is former Governor Dak, he will not show good governance to his state citizens, but corruption. However, we witnessed the support made by the president of the Southern Sudan Salva Kiir to the appointment of Gatluak to the post. Therefore, any happening, the president of the Government of Southern Sudan is to blame.

    Latjor David is a Sudanese national striving for change in the Greater Upper Nile State. He can be reached at latjordavid@yahoo.ca

  25. The Wave of the Conflict of Interest: Michael Madit Magot has lashed out against Dr. Machar on the Day of Museveni’s recent visit To Juba South Sudan

    It was quite a great surprise to see some narrow minded people critically challenges individuals they could have not lashed out to in life time if it were not the leadership role. It is actually a great nightmare to see southerners with blasphemous voices prior to a total delusion attained during the post war era. There is no one to blame since political landscape has lot to do with people’s life, that’s why few but not all southerners are prone to premature political practice which only portray person as narrow minded individual. Frankly speaking, it is always known to us that crossing the boundary in some countries result into suing or person facing trail as he or she jump into another person’s position. As you have seen few days back from Michael Madit Magot’s personal attack to Dr. Riek, in a real world politics black and white cannot be mixed together unless it is an issue that need much attention.
    In the LRA peace process, first Kony has been a rebel for numerous years like his counterpart the southern Sudanese who took up arm against the Arab north of the Sudan. We have witnessed how critical it was for us during those days as the cause of struggle has laid many to rest in front of us including children of that day. There have been numerous peace accords held between the Arab north and southerners, but have come to collapse or some of them haven’t even reached to the negotiation table. Reaching an agreement with north does not mean we cannot object any idea irrelevant to the failure of the southern Sudan, but it could be an indication to something that might have gone wrong. Take a good example, Dr. Garang has not done anything if it were him alone. He was notorious for killing his own citizens; rather, he could only elaborate them and freed them from bondage they were in. I think most of you know that some tribes and clans haven’t enjoyed Dr. John’s rebellion because they were held for no reason as threads. He could have been a person to be tried in the International Criminal Court where the then LRA leader is needed to joint. If it happen in a similar manner like what is going on with the LRA leader and the peace agreement now a day, some of us would be like Dr.John you should not sign any peace with the government because of his safety or he would be like I am not signing this peace accord in order for him to avoid Hague. For any blame to the failure of peace could not be laid upon the mediator, but it could be that there are certain procedures not accomplished for the success of the final peace agreement which was to changes the geopolitical landscape of the two countries, the south Sudan and Uganda.
    In your own statement of saying “Riek has no negotiation skills and knowledge”, had there been peace agreements you had mediated so far? Or who are you in southern Sudan politics to attack H.E. Dr. Riek who was simply given this assignment by H.E. Kiir Mayardit for the friendship of the two countries to solve the ongoing problem so that these people could have a sustainable life? Jumping into conclusion not only portray you as a moronic person, but tells others that in the long run you maybe seeking counseling from a psychologist.
    To put it this way that premature politicians are rubbish prior to their shallow perceptions of the world in which they are part of, I think you are one among them or maybe you are suffering mentally, but I can suggest to you that you should see specialist to alter you current devastating behavior or mental problem that made you become the way you are.
    However, if your little conscious mind is active, and you want to become a real politician, you should try another mechanism either to present your opinion based on what appears to be a debatable question or a topic. Attacking people openly not only tells how brave you are, but aware the people that you have some problem that make you the way are. I have nothing personally with you, but make sure that down the road, present your point as an opinion to avoid any further conflict with many. Let us respect one another, and credited each other for anything. I have been a southern Sudanese, still, and will remain a southern Sudanese. In any matter, yet things go wrong, and things go fine, and all I know is that I don’t know anything my dear fellow brothers.

    Latjor David is a student in US. He can be reach at latjor@yahoo.ca

  26. justin C Opiny

    May 31, 2008 at 8:23 pm

    It is wonderful to have juba post online

  27. Hi- the entire Arab world do/does want Southern Sudanese to be separated from Northern Sudanses, simply because they want Southern Sudanese to be the servants of Northern Sudanese.

  28. Am much impressive of hearing  about our motherland  NS. As being sudanese we  are riggid  and the some time diseases in entire sudanese communities.We don’t addmit mistakes and act rudely to fellew brothers and sisters instead to enquired and analyse and transform to better solution is not there in sudanese communities but  not all,but some few radical communities who where being brought up negatively and remained negatively worldwide this act of behaviour will never make NS  develop dynamicity  amoung the nations which hinder  trust ,development ,freedom of speech  and movement,and etc.If sudan government can put too much effort to eliminate trablism undermining  other tribes ,this will be great time for NS to enjoy better life than 100 years ago  AND ALL THE AFRIACNS COUNTRIES  WILL BE SEEING  BEING GOOD IN RELATIUONSHIP WITH IN THE AFRICAN COMMUNITIES FROM US.If not they will be laughing ,mocking  and simplyify sudanese and easy to persue in doing  wrong thing without him/her to ask or to know between good and bad.There fore,if change,change is coming for every body who is NS.If changes only comes for few communities and block others communities then that will be great challenging and systems have to be reconstructed to farvour all NS.We must not be rats or termites to look for ready things  and avoid to claim your brother or sister belonging that will creat unforgiven and unforgotten  history.I Beg  sudanese should have dynamic government  which  can avoid insecurities and updates   his nations of well behave’s.We sudanese lets terminate being violent, voice from  brother   ,togetherness is power God bless  NS .THANKS FOR ALL SUDANESE ALL OVER THE WORLD.


    The UNDP Office of Audit and Investigation based in New York has sent a team of investigators led by Elizabeth Gilbert and Nardos Asseffa to investigate serious allegations of “Gross Abuse of Authority and Sexual Exploitation of Local Sudanese Women” by UNDP International Staff. The chief suspect under investigation is Mr. Kun Vee Lee, Head of Operations UNDP Southern Sudan.

    It is alleged that Mr. Kun Vee Lee a married man is having inimate sexual relations with Mrs. Josephine Baruch-Tucker, the Procurement Specialist who reports to Mr. Kun Vee Lee in violation of UNDP policy. More horrendous is the fact that Mrs. Josephine Baruch-Tucker who is a married woman is also having intimate sexual relations with two other married men working in UNDP Southern Sudan office, identified as Mr. Nassariudin Shah – Chief of Finance, Mr. Nadir Nassih – Procurement Officer. Mrs. Josephine Baruch-Tucker is a sexual maniac and behaves like a bitch on heat. She wastes no time in luring men to have sexual orgy with her despite the fact that she is a married woman. This has become a matter of concern to the local staff and they have reported the case to the new UNDP Head of Office, Mr. Yucer Onder, who wasted no time in inviting the investigation team from New York.

    It is significant to note that earlier Mrs. Josephine Baruch-Tucker was having intimate sexual relations with Mr. Richard Okura – Procurement Engineering Adviser but when this was discovered by her supervisor boyfriend Mr. Kun Vee Lee, she changed the story and claimed that Mr. Richard Okura has attempted to rape her in the office. This resulted in the immediate dismissal of Mr. Richard Okura and the total removal of the Procurement Engineering Unit, which is credited with doing a very good job of vetting all construction related procurement contracts and saving UNDP and the Government of Southern Sudan a lot of money.

    It is understood that Mrs. Josephine Baruch-Tucker used her sexual influence the promotion of Mr. Nadir Nassih who has now secured a very attractive UNDP contract as a Senior Assets Manager. The award of this job was done secretly without open advertisement by Mr. Kun Vee Lee, Mrs. Josephine Baruch-Tucker and Mr. Nassariudin Shah contrary to UNDP policy of transparency in hiring people to senior jobs.

    It has also emerged that some of the UNDP International Staff are expoloiting young Southern Sudanese women by giving them lots of money to sleep with them in the UNDP compound. One notorious International Staff Mr. Nelson Mbu – Project Manager from Cameroon has now impregnated Ms. Venesia Saidi a young Southern Sudanese woman and her parents are demanding that Mr. Nelson Mbu must marry their daughter because the pregancy is very advanced, but Mr. Nelson Mbu has been persuading the woman to have an abortion instead. Those who are familiar with the story say that this is the third Southern Sudanese woman to be impregnated by Mr. Nelson Mbu. For the other two he paid for them to have an abortion.

  30. Dear,

    It wouldn’t be a surprised to see things going, really going. In 2006, my first time to visit Juba in 20 years, Juba was too dirty, stony and dusty. Right now its a miracle! Good roads and good buildings are coming up. Juba will be a paradise in 5 years!

    I appreciate online editions because they help a lot. It was a surprise to learn from Gurtong online news that there are good hotels and lodges in Torit. I went there many times but I have been sleeping in unsafe places.

    I would appreciate if The Juba Post would also post accommodation guide or advertise lodges and hotels found all over Southern Sudan for the visitors to choose accommodations of their choices before hand.

  31. been a southerner who is in the daispora and has as well been in sudan for more han three years since the comprehensive peace agreement was signed in naivasa, i think its very difficult to pridict the furure of south sudan.
    with war veterans sticking to jobs and failure to employ young skillful personalitities. with this i can only say that a country that is kled by the greedy and money mnded elders is therore unworthy to say that such a state will develop.
    if we only can wake up and encourage every one atarting with sensitization program on he forth coming refrendum we can surely get trust and hence pierce towards development in the very fastest way ever.
    with the above missing we only and shall only have southern sudan with one of the dirtiest city in the planet as put forth by the bbc.

  32. its good same times to see southern sudan develope to its own and be a land of free after yeares of war and curption.
    one issue that piss me of is the fact that same southern culture groups
    look at same people like they are more important then the other it’s very
    sad cause that is the reson why we as southerns will never be free.
    my father was grabed by the denka army two days ago he was he got beat up badly and they took all of his money, they made him look like nothing.

  33. its good same times to see southern sudan develope to its own and be a land of free after yeares of war and curption.
    one issue that piss me of is the fact that same southern culture groups
    look at same people like they are more important then the other it’s very
    sad cause that is the reson why we as southerns will never be free.
    my father was grabed by the denka army two days ago he was he got beat up badly and they took all of his money, they made him look like nothing. that just piss me of and i know that kind of behavier is never going to stop cause if sameone hard my family its up to me to pay back thats way they will never be peace i will stand for may family if my country can’t do nothing about it…

  34. Only Mr. Pagan Amum in SPLM South Sudan

    When Dr. John Garang de Mabior die, I was thinking that no body that would replace him in Southern Sudan especially in military and political position of SPLM/A. But now I have got important Mr. Pagan Amum in SPLM Southern Sudan, who is competent, and capable to work for South Sudanese interest. The same as what Dr.John Garang did in SPLM political affairs. But no body in military, that is why there is no well military organization and no organization.

    Important Mr. Pagan Amum work for interest of marginalized Sudanese people in GONU in general and South Sudanese in particular. If South Sudanese people are in need of leader that can work to fulfill their demands, they have to generate Important Mr. Pagan Amum from now to be their tomorrow elected South Sudan president.

    All SPLM members especially those who came from bush abandoned their struggling for South, instead they struggle for others things than South Sudan. Only Mr. Pagan Amum still firm on his previous struggling for South.

    If we, the South Sudanese people know what Mr. Pagan Amum do for us in GONU, and how he represent us, we shall not call him Pagan Amum any longer, but to call him Pagan Junub Al Sudan. Let us give thank to any one who do our South Sudan work sincerely. We say that Dr.Garang die, but his vision still alive not because CPA only, but because of Pagan Junub Al Sudan long term struggling and his permanent commitment for South Sudan struggling.

    By Koang Thok Deng Muong.



  35. Sunday Edward

    May 14, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    Glad I could access this new site.

  36. White African, Green African, Black African, Yellow African, Brown African, with this kind of brain thinking , Are you realy committed to Africa . or you are just one of those people who are their to look for oppourtuinty.

  37. Yuma Sebastian

    July 16, 2009 at 6:03 am

    Hi fellow Sudanese! Prevention is better than cure,

    Let us not rest our minds in rummars of war, instade let us look for ways of how to avoid wars. am not kaward of war because i have contributed in the past war by shooting my bullets towards the enemy but remember how much innocent blood we have shade? how many property we havve lost? how many buildings we have destroyed, it will take us many years to recover what we have lost. if our minds are full of war when shall we develop? we need time for development by sitting to reason together but not by guns again, because we kill people yet we un able to creat them.

    Yuma Sebastian

  38. Yuma Sebastian

    July 17, 2009 at 7:51 am

    We have to thank God for the peace in Southern Sudan.
    The only problem we are facing now is that we have no direction that is why every body for himself and Southern Sudan for us all.
    thank you

    Yuma Sebastian

  39. We have to thank God in the first place and in second place let’s know that we are african particularly in southern sudan which have being dreaming of ………
    Now I think let’s not just write and play arround, because south sudan still need alot from us insteat fighting each other as it’s taking place junglei this days and of us are very happy.


  40. Great to see the development Juba post has reach.
    Let focus our attention on Mobilising our citizen to understand the refrundum of 2011.The most deadly battle is ahead . Our brothers in the north are work day and night for our failure ,how prepared are we now.
    Let avoid our miner problem and focus on the main objectives .The secession of south from north , we need to unite and stand as one people , one agenda then we will wine the major objective.

  41. Since the signing of the agreement, southern Sudan has been peaceful for the first time in decades; however, recently, southern Sudanese leaders have accused Sudanese president, Omar al-Bashir, of neglecting the settlement. It will be up to the rest of Africa, the United States, and China (the biggest consumer of Sudanese oil) to put pressure on central government to keep the peace. Otherwise, there may not be a chance for the referendum as it’s fail to make unity atractive. So as kiir stated or concuded by giving clear attention with respect to south sudan citizen to vote for freedom. For me I don’t think we are going to commit that mistake again and again.

  42. Hai, Juba Post could you tell me, when and where in Juba is this Juba Post who is run by an outsider, with agenda, that is not known to most of the readers like me, who was bon in that city

  43. Thanks, But Not Thanks to Juba Post for trying to display what looks like free experation in it self if that is correct, God Bless South Sudan, and God Bless free and independent South Sudan.

  44. Alafi Isaac Alfred

    January 25, 2010 at 8:28 am

    Dear felow countrymen, i would like to enlighten you about the recent nomination of the state governors in southern sudan. its to the best of my knowledge that such nominations were tainted with some interests. taking into consideration central equatoria state.

    following the criterias to be followed for the nominations, i strongly believe that the electoral college and the SPLM political Bureau has made a blunder which they may leave to regret and yet i thought the members composing the P.B are elites or intellectuals who would be careful in matters concerning the Party.

    henceforth, why should the college and the SPLM P.B respectively choose a person who has serve and still serving the state but his service delivery is poor for instance the state health units are nothing but full of filth, inadeguate schools and no feeder roads connecting towns to the villages, teachers for months have not been paid. and yet the state has resources though insufficient but atleast would serve other projects.

    i would like to recommend that indeed it was a mistake for nominating Clement Wani Konga to go under the SPLM ticket yet their are 0ther competent and patriotic members who would serve this state as expected though some of them were thrown a way by the electoral college. comrades am not questioning your competence but i would like our party (SPLM) to run smoothly, since in any democratic society there are many political parties who may use our weakness to succeed. we better pull up our stockings to avoid such a mess.

  45. I don’t have any comment right now but I want to get registered as a memeber before I could contribute any idea to this valueable webside.

  46. Well-done for your co-operation for establishig such a useful site ,
    may you continue to do more for abetter south Sudan.

  47. Its a good thing to done in a country like the one of ours, and really so proud of that what we need to do is to keep on going on , on the right track we can go and be wherever we want to

  48. this good, Southern Sudan is emerging,for those that want to take us back, we will not work with you, a promising future is what we focus on, unite we stand untill we reach the promise land, Please comrade Charles Rean, go ahead, you have built the rock of democracy through the news paper you brought to existence.

    Deng Kooch Diing is a Journalist working for the Khartoum Monitor Newspaper in Juba Southern Sudan.

  49. I think this referundum is not in the hands of politician for khartoum (Northern) government to asure unity which they fail make it attractive…
    But it’s time for southern sudan either to be a second level citizen in his own home land or first level citizen. No need for advice as we all know what happen after 1972 agreement.

  50. Alafi Isaac Alfred

    June 17, 2010 at 4:53 am

    I salute all Southern Sudanese in the name of south sudan a country in a few months to be created. fellow citizens, the issue of the creation of a new sudan or southern sudan is not questionable and I believe nobody can erase the memories of all southern sudanese during the liberation struggle who were determine to gain their independence.

  51. Men don’t talk mach but action……
    Let’s waite for the time to come as we all known what we are for, No need to talk…

  52. the new JubaPost website url is ……..


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