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Muti Widget: Hot African News for Your Sidebar

I’m really excited about this. Neville has put together a widget for Muti that allows anyone the ability to put the “hot” news on Muti into their sidebar.

Widget code (copy and paste into your sidebar):
<script src="http://muti.co.za/widget"></script>

Here’s what it should look like (and you can see it live on my sidebar):

Muti Widget - African News

With the continued growth of Muti, you’ll find the most up to date news on Africa. Granted, this news is funneled primarily through the African blogosphere, but many non-bloggers have started using Muti to post important African news. Click here for more Muti Tools.


  1. Thanks yet again for the mention Erik!

    For your information I intend to expand the widget capabilities a bit to allow publishers such as yourself some sort of control over the style and number of items shown.



  2. Neville, good job yet again. I can’t wait to see what you’ll put together for the customization.

  3. What a GREAT 1! Got it, thanx chaps.

  4. super kewl, (+ to wishlist: being able to use alternative css formating would be nice)

  5. Andre SC and others who have asked for the same via feedback:

    I am pleased to announce that it is now possible to apply your own CSS styling to the muti widget. Please have a look at the howto and examples at the http://muti.co.za/tools page. In short you just need to change the line of html that references the widget to tell it not to apply any styling, and then specify your own styles either in a stylesheet or in your HTML.

    Let me know if you have any problems, its all pretty straight forward.


  6. This is a great tool; however, I’m somewhat confused between “Muti-Hot” and “Muti-Blogs”. Muti started as a South African social bookmarking platform i.e “dedicated to content of interest to Southern Africans or those interested in Southern Africa.” Muti-Blogs on the other hand seems to reflect a Pan-African scope , the African Blogosphere in general. Yeah, the two are not the same, but the names are similar. It is gross disservice and unnecessary restriction to tag Muti as a South African platform – it can be made more relevant by opening it to the continent. Go Pan-African!

  7. imnakoya:

    You bring up a good point and I agree with you. Josh at African Path also brought it up. I have now changed the wording on the Muti about page.

    Thanks for your input!

    PS: Now how about posting some articles on Nigeria to muti 😉

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