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Google Biased on “African Ingenuity”

Kikuyumoja just pointed out that BoingBoing has a short piece on Google being biased. It turns out that if you type in the words “African Ingenuity”, Google will ask you if you really meant “American Ingenuity”… Nice.

Google Bias

Try it (and let’s see how long before they fix this)

In other news, it’s cool to see AfriGadget as #2 on the search engine results. Remember, anyone can send in AfriGadget articles and I’ll post them.

[EDIT: Google is pretty fast. One day later and it seems that they have fixed this little problem]


  1. boo google! boo!

  2. Nice to know that they keep an eye on what is being written in the blogosphere.

  3. And they even suggested the search for “African Ingenuity” to me through their new “Interesting Items for You” portlet. It is based on past searches. Unfortunately this is the first page that comes up..

  4. Guys, google doesn’t arbitrarily decide what it suggests. If the algorithm figures out there’s a similarly worded, more popular result it will suggest that instead. Come on.

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