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Updating Feeds and Email Signups

Consider this a housecleaning post.

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I’ve recently upgraded my blogging infrastructure, and now need to do the same to my feed and stats. The stats package I had been using, Blogbeat, was bought out by FeedBurner. Since my historical data is now housed there, I’m switching over to a complete FeedBurner package. The feed is now http://feeds.feedburner.com/white_african

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There is quite a number of readers who have signed up by email. I’ve been handling this through Zookoda’s excellent system. For those who have signed up for my weekly email update already, you’ll continue to get it in that same format. From now on though, I’ll be offering my blog through FeedBurner’s email update program. It’s a good one too, so no one will be missing out on anything.

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Thanks again for reading, commenting and making this site into something special. I hope the new format and feeds will make it easier than ever to continue being a part.


  1. Have you ever tried the Feedburner Plugin? It does a really good job automatically redirecting all feed-traffic to feedburner. So you are actually able to simply keep your existing Feed-URL and there is no need to ask your readers to update their subscriptions.

  2. Mzeecedric, done. Thanks for the link, that plugin will be extremely helpful going forward.

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