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How Technology Can Destroy Monopolies in Africa

Whythawk, one of those blogs that I’ve really come to enjoy and frequent over the last few months, has written a nice piece outlining how government monopolies can and will be destroyed in Africa.

A probable future will contain computers and cell phones linked together in a meshed distributed broadband network able to make calls anywhere in the world or receive any information from a range of sources.

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  1. Must agree with you hash, Whythawk’s perspective is really very intersting. If only the same person would stop submitting all whythawks posts to muti all the time. Wonder who that could be 🙂

  2. I love this…I love the idea that disingenous governments whether they be in Africa or elsewhere, who refuse to move with the tide for fear of losing control, might soon be bypassed-with the consumers, businesspeople, media watchers, and etc. bypassing the middleman and getting the goods straight from the source. Once this happen, what does this mean? It means that they will have still lost the ability to control every aspect of the lives of their constituents!

    Deep down, this is something that motivates me immensely in everything that I do related to reporting on free enterprise in Africa.

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