Skunkworks – weekly techie meetings in Nairobi
After initially being chased off from the Government Post Office building in Nairobi, the Kenya Skunkworks group has started to meet regularly at the Wananchi Online training room (Loita House – 1st floor). Riyaz Bachani, one of the forward thinking tech guys in Kenya, has been organizing these meetings and is already getting over 20 attendees.

You can read what’s been going on at each meeting so far by going to the Skunkworks blog. So far they’ve been discussing VOIP, cheap broadband and estate networks. All very good areas to look at improving in Kenya. You can also start conversing with the attendees on their message board.

BarCamp Nairobi – March 31 – University of Nairobi
If you’re a Kenyan designer, this might be a good chance to show your skills. That’s generally how these things are done. Take a look at the BarCamps that happen around the world to get an idea of what others have done. I hope to see an entry on for this Kenyan one soon.

The regular weekly Skunkworks meetings and BarCamp Nairobi are really encouraging signs for the growth of young technologically minded entrepreneurs in Kenya. I’ll be keeping an eye on the Skunkworks blog, and will fill everyone in if anything exciting happens at the BarCamp this month.