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5 African Bloggers

I wanted to take a moment to share some of the excellent blogs around the African blogosphere that I read and that I find inspiration in:

Saidia.org – Tobias Eigen’s blog. Entrepreneur and someone who fosters change – follow him here and see the work he’s doing at Kabiss.org.

Kenyan Musings – So, this is one of those blogs I read when I want to get away from the normal tech and business stuff I read most of the time. I’m always reminded of Kenya through her writings.

David Seruyange’s Blog – An old schoolboy nemesis on the basketball court, and a friend off of it. I never realized just how incredibly smart and well spoken he was until years later.

OneAfrikan – Blog by Gareth Knight, a fellow web application developer that resides in London. I thoroughly enjoy reading his thoughts on technology and admire his drive shown through organizing the Technology for Africa conference.

Mental Acrobatics – Besides being slightly insane (thus the name), Mental will also be my roomie for TED this summer in Arusha, TZ. He is both hilarious, thoughtful and gives great up-to-date news on events that he attends around the world.

The Sojourner Dispatch – Follow Aubrey and Jamison as they trek from Kenya to South Africa – live blogging their adventures (even the stolen cameras, money, etc.). If you’re in Uganda, they might be able to use your help.


  1. Sijui if to take that as a compliment or what but, cheers and thanks for reading.

  2. KM, it’s a compliment. 🙂 I love reading your blog.

  3. will definately check out this list.Great work!

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