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Shovel in the Sand

Shovel in the Sand 2, originally uploaded by whiteafrican.

I’ve been wanting to get a good digital camera for a while, and was finally able to snag a Nikon D50 from Amazon.com for an acceptable price. This weekend I took it out to see what kind of damage I could do with it.

Let me just say that the camera makes up for my hack photography skills in so many ways. I can take questionable shots in bad lighting and it makes me look like Ansel Adams (okay, not quite).

I’ve realized that I don’t really know how to frame a good shot, or even what good composition of a photo is. One of my plans for the next month is to learn about that type of thing so I can put this camera to good use. I can see how photography can become addicting.

This shot was taken at Cape Canaveral, Florida near where the space shuttle’s take off.

[BABY ALERT: Blogging friend Kenyan Pundit has had a baby girl – Congrats!]


  1. Photography can be very very addicting. Once you start taking shots, you don’t want to stop! Looking forward to pics from your new Nikon.

  2. Hello my friend, just catching up on your blog. As far as learning some basic photography skills I highly suggest taking a local class at Crealde in Winter Park. The instruction is excellent, the classes are fun and cheap.

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