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Official Web 2.0 Expo Shirt – Contest

[update: the winner is…Eishman! I’m going to rephrase his quote though to, “Web 2.0 is everyone elses content“.]

Okay, so here’s the idea. Anyone who wants this shirt can add a comment on the Flickr image page, or to on this post, with their witty word of what “Web 2.0 is ________”.

I’ll choose the winner from the pack by Wednesday and mail you the shirt. Good luck!


  1. Web 2.0 is what this sentence starts with 🙂

  2. Web 2.0 is a glossy, beveled, gradient, asynchronous, RSS fed, socially networked, virally video-ed work of staggering genius. And, yet, so passé.

    I mean, come one: What’s Next?

  3. I think what they’re trying to say is, “Web 2.0 is (white space).”

  4. Leaving content to someone else!

  5. – myth
    – a second chance

  6. Web 2.0 is You and Me

  7. Web 2.0 is what YOU make it.

  8. Concerned African

    April 17, 2007 at 8:46 am

    a bitch

  9. hakuna matata

  10. Web 2.0 is ad.sense..icio.us

  11. Web 2.0 is ad.sense.us

  12. web 2.0 is web 1.0 + web 1.0

  13. Wow! I was just able to get back online (who would have guessed that at the Web 2.0 conference you wouldn’t be able to get online…).

    Thanks for all the feedback. Anyone who makes me laugh gets a headstart, and there are some good ones so far… 🙂

  14. a second entry – African Signals 🙂

  15. Web 2.0 is Afrobroadband.

    (or should that be web 3.0?)

  16. Web 2.0 is in the Fantasy/SciFi section.

  17. John, no points for sucking up! 🙂

    Man, there are some good ones so far… this will be tougher than I thought. By the way, I hope you’re size XL, whoever the winner is, since that’s what I have.

  18. Web 2.0 is ….still too passive (according to some hitwise web 2.0 rankings – – user/contributer ratio)

  19. Web 2.0 is Ustream.TV — SXSW was Twitter.com

  20. Web 2.0 is Gonna make me a billionaire!

  21. Web 2.0 is streamalicious!

  22. Web 2.0 is more like 1.2.8

  23. Web 2.0 is DEAD R.I.P

    Next Please…

  24. Web 2.0 is Web 3.0 in beta

  25. And, the winner is…


    I’m going to rephrase his quote though to, “Web 2.0 is everyone elses content“.

    Eishman, I’ll need you to email me your mailing address.

    It came down to me flipping a coin actually, there were some other really witty ones. Thank you all for playing – it reminds me that most of you (not Swoosh) really are smarter than me. 🙂

  26. Oh no, did I miss the t-shirt? 😉

  27. i wish i had that t-shirt!

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