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Thoughts on Media 2.0 from Web 2.0

…or, is traditional media dead and doesn’t know it?

There was a very good panel discussion this morning at the Web 2.0 Summit about “Media 2.0“. Not surpringly, the majority of the room was taken up by traditional print/TV/radio publishers who are trying to figure out how to apply new models to their publishing business.

Of course, Colin Daniels from the South African Sunday Times was there, sitting right with me. He embodies the prototypical traditional publishing company trying to remake itself for this world of “new media” online. That’s an encouraging sign, and I’m looking forward to seeing just what they do when they relaunch in June.

Another interesting thing to note. Oliver Muoto, co-founder of vFlyer (a great application!), was on the panel. He’s one of the guys, just like me, who grew up in Africa and is now working in the web space. He had some very compelling thoughts on where things are going in publishing and advertising online.


Ted Shelton, of Technorati, on blogging, a discussion we’ve had previously here on WhiteAfrican and Tresblue:

“A whole lot more people war going to think of themselves as publishers”

On news on a mobile platform (here’s where Colin and I both looked at eachother and nodded in agreement):

Ted Shelton (Technorati.com): “Mobile news will put the final nail in the coffin for traditional media.”

Rich Skrenta (Topix.com): “the mobile phone is just an internet device with a smaller screen, but it’s treated as a different platform.”

Oliver Muoto (vFlyer.com): “Many companys aren’t developing for the mobile platform yet, primarily because the audience hasn’t really asked for it.”

Rich Skrenta
: “As soon as there is a good way to monetize and advertise on the mobile phone we’ll be willing to develop more for it. We need a good CPM for the mobile device.”


  1. I think i might have said “Many companys aren’t developing for the mobile platform yet….

    But minor detail! Sorry I missed you – didn’t know you were in the crowd – would have loved to catch up!

  2. Hey Oliver, fixed. I had to run out, so didn’t have a chance to come see you after the session. Maybe if you come back on another day?

  3. Actually both Rich and Oliver made very good points, the mobile phone is not been seen as an internet device by the general public in most parts of the world besides Japan. In Japan the availability and pricing of broadband has made it sought after and accepted. The current drastic price cuts by the two major cellular broadband providers should go some way to solve the pricing problem but availability still has a long way to go. Once availbility is broad and pricing is realistic demand will follow. I have been preaching for some time that we have to stop thinking about the web as PC driven and have to start accepting that in the next few years mobiles will become the preferred connection device, I still believe though that screen size is going to be the major stubling block. Perhaps holographic screens will solve this problem in the near future ?

  4. Tresblue, screen size may not be an issue with this concept Pen Computer.

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