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Wow! I Won a Wii at Web 2.0

What a stroke of luck! I never thought I’d be leaving here with a Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo WiiI entered into the Ask.com Experts session. Funnily enough, they asked a venture capital question trying to find a “VC expert”. No one could answer the question, “who writes VentureBlog?” – interestingly enough, I wrote about him yesterday, and David Hornik commented on it… (By the way, I’m NOT a VC expert)

The best thing about this is now I don’t need to think up an excuse to tell my wife in order to buy one. 🙂


  1. LOL.

    To think I thought that you were giving more goodies away 🙂

    Enjoy the Wii! Before you know it your wife will probably be playing on it more than you.

  2. Which one of your four wifes? 🙂

  3. Had my jaw on the floor shocked about the wife excuse thing, then realised….oh he’s white, that makes sense…the decency to consider your wife’s opinion on the decisions you make.

  4. Cool,now you can have an excuse for tendonitis from a teenage guy running around in tights. Congrats!

  5. Ohhh, poor wife! She’s lost her husband to a new love. 🙂 I heard that my husband decided he needed some good brother-in-law time after you won that Wii.

  6. can the wii boil chicken or grill nyama? Can it clean my floors?

    I am confused as to why the wife was mentioned….

  7. Swoosh, go back to your hole. Barbarian.

  8. A family that wiis together … never mind.

  9. That’s awesome. Now you can get tired of it as fast as I did!

  10. Still haven’t tired of mine yet.

    Made by the hands of God my friend..

  11. Only have Wii Sports right now to play, but just about wore myself out on Wii Boxing…! I also suck at Wii Bowling and Baseball, but am passably good at Wii Tennis. Undoubtedly, my kids will beat me at it in a week.

  12. lucky you! there are some sites that show how people have injured themselves with the Wii – you should check those out too 🙂
    enjoy it!

  13. Congrats! Now you can get your off spring sucked into the world of video games. 🙂 Maybe they can teach their aunt how to bowl tonight when I babysity them.

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