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The Power of a TED Talk

One of the reasons that so many people re-attend TED conferences is because the talks are so incredibly powerful. Here is George Ayittey, speaking with all the fire, passion and visually creative language that inspired so many of us:

I know not everyone agrees with my sentiments about George Ayittey’s explanation describing the differences between the “cheetah” and “hippo” generations in Africa. However, the discussion on this has just begun. TED has just released the new TED Talks videos that were shot at TEDGlobal in Arusha in June.

Look for more TED Talks coming out this week. Let’s hear what everyone else has to say after seeing and hearing these talks for the first time!

[Extra: Catch another interview of George Ayittey on PBS by Bill Moyer]


  1. Hi Hash,

    Hoping that you good.Your blog is too tight…I enjoy it very much keep up with the good work mate.

    Anywayz on a different note could you please send to me the link having the story that guys using mobile top up vouchers numbers to pay for online services I remember something like that was happening a while back note sure which guys were doing it using safaricom top up cards.



  2. I have been watching all the videos on TED. The talks were brilliant. I wish I was there, to watch.

    ERIK – ideas are important, yet ideas are worthless without action. was their an atmosphere of a call to action. TED is not a talking shop, is it?

  3. Hi Hash,

    I also posted on the availability of the TEDTalks presentations from the June 2007 TED Global conference in Arusha. After viewing these videos those of us who were not in attendance can better understand all of the excitement from our blogger colleagues who were there. Professor George Ayittey was spot on in his presentation and faultered a bit only at the end as he quickly wanted to explain his project for building boats for fisherman in Ghana. The same was true for Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as she began to run out of time at the end of her presentation and there was this disturbing audio bleed from an open mic on stage.

    I am personally a big fan of George Ayittey as he doesn’t mince his words and cuts right to the chase of the matter. That is perhaps why a number of people don’t like him, he is too confrontational.

    For some strange reason I can never get the TEDTalks video scripts to work properly on Blogger. The video file (Macromedia Flash 9) attempts to load but never starts, plus there is no still image of the first video frame as in your graphic above. Any hints on what may be going wrong in my editor?

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