A Favorite Gaping Void Cartoon by Hugh McLeodHugh McLeod of Gaping Void is a cartoonist and blogger of some note – especially within the blogosphere. His ties to Africa are that he spent the first 4 years of his life there, and that he has made Stormhoek Wine into a worldwide case study on how companies can benefit greatly from blogging.

He’s the keynote speaker at the real estate conference that I’m attending this week in San Francisco. Through a chance encounter I had the opportunity to spend a good hour or two talking over a drink. It was really quite interesting hearing his views on the rules that govern A-list blogging, discussing the pros and cons of our boarding school experiences and me learning a great deal about the hard work behind cartooning.

Quote of the night (Twittered by Hugh):

“Authority is 80% compassion”

It makes sense – think of “the Godfather” movies and you’ll get it. Apply that thought to how you deal with people in real life, and within the blogosphere.

Hugh, when you make a cartoon for that saying, let me know.