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A Nigerian Mobile Payment System: ChezolaPay

ChezolaPay - Nigerian Mobile Payment SolutionChezolaPay is a new mobile payment service soon to be offered in Nigeria. The application was developed by a Canadian company, but will be rolling out in its first African country this year. In order to use it, you must have a GSM enabled phone and the money gets transferred via an SMS message. Your account is charged up via prepaid cards.

Going by their vendor list, the bank that will be handling the services will be First City Monument Bank Plc.

If you’re in Nigeria and are going to be using the service, take the time to look at the different types of accounts. You can choose from Individual, Family or Corporate.

ChezolaPay - Account Types

My Thoughts
So, this is an interesting development, and a much needed step in the right direction. However, I don’t think this is the final answer for mobile payments in Africa. I stand by my earlier posts; African needs a mobile payment platform that is both banking AND carrier agnostic. I hope that someone like Herman Chinery-Hesse can actually develop his visionary platform.

(via Montreal Tech Watch, hat tip Heri)


  1. This is fantastic. This will make my transactions with Prince Nduku so much easier!

    Sorry, I just got two more of those emails this week. =)

  2. You know I was talking with a taxi driver about ways to decrease corruption that is so endemic with traffic cops in Kenya. We thought that utilizing mobile phone pay systems would be a great idea:
    1. You can instant fine someone without having to deal in cash
    2. The money goes straight to the government bank account vs getting filtered through individuals hands
    3. You don’t have to go down to the police station to pay the fine, so it saves time

    Downside is: No phone, or not enough credit on the phone to pay fine.


  3. Mark, that’s a really interesting idea. I’ d love to see a pilot project where that type of fine-payment system was used.

    I took a look at your website too (MindfulInteractive.com) – I’m not usually one for flash intros, but that was pretty cool!

  4. I hope you’ll find your technology with Crandy, both independant from banks and operators. I can organize the contact.

  5. How would you compare it to MPesa from Safaricom?

  6. “Africa needs a mobile payment platform that is both banking AND carrier agnostic” Yes this was our goal and was able to do this by introducing a device that converts any gsm phone in to a payment device. Our system is a prepayment concept and could be issued by multiple banks and no carrier input. I will be willing to discuss this further with any interested party.

  7. I will you people to send me more about this new mobile payment system cos I need the information for to write my final year project at the polytechnics level.

  8. I need to talk to Philippe to organize me the contact with Crandy.
    PS: I am based in DAKAR-SENEGAL

  9. Can I have the contact of the Canadian company behind the Chezola venture in Nigeria?

  10. I beleive Chezolasystems.com is behind it. They are also behind the following:

    linkwithafrica.com – please correct me if I’m wrong on this one.

  11. can i get tam sangbong’s details,my clients are interested in discussing with him.

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