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Africa’s Web 2.0 Sites (with links)

I was challenged by Riyaz and Sokari to come up with a list of “Web 2.0” sites for Africa and make a collage. I chose to define that term rather loosely, so if the line is blurred it’s entirely my fault.

I’m sure I missed some, so leave a comment with the link if I did. I’ll add it in the next iteration.

You can see the larger sizes of this image on Flickr, where each logo has the link to the webite.

The “To Be Added” list:

Student Village
Share Surf
Blogs 24
Blog TZ


  1. Great looking list but what about myvideo and twac?

  2. @ Rafiq – bob?

    @ John – AfriGadget is a blog, so I’m not sure it fits anymore than I would characterize BoingBoing as a Web 2.0 site in the US.

    @ Nic – I should be ashamed of myself for missing those two. They will be in the next iteration.

  3. This is such a great news: in Africa there are web 2.0 websites. It would be interesting to know what do they do, how they get by, what revenue they’ve got. But I think that even if they’ve get no money it would still be such a great experience to have very modern websites. Maybe even useful for african development. Congratulations for the list and to all the people who made those websites

  4. Great post, great list. I am interested in finding out more about these sites, what countries they’re from, what they do and revenue models.

  5. classic. as always from you πŸ™‚

  6. Some of these I didn’t know about. Well done!!

  7. Ananzi web 2.0? HAHAHA, Erik, nice one! πŸ™‚

    I think iBlog needs to be there. You’re going to have to update that soon. πŸ˜‰

  8. My bad, I missed iBlog, it was so tiny I missed it.

  9. Gonna repost the same comment I left on the Flickr image so forgive me πŸ™‚

    I noticed this image is copyright on Flickr. Does this mean we can’t use it in presentations etc?

  10. @ Tyler – Yes, iBlog ended up being smaller. If anyone wants to send me their real logo minus the background, I’ll be happy to update the collage with it in the next iteration. Oh, and I know – Ananzi was sketchy… πŸ™‚

    @ Justin – I’ll fix that copyright thing on Flickr. Anything I do on this blog is free to use for anything/everything you want.

  11. Great list! I see Yeigo is on there but not Fring though, or are my eyes just missing it (I’m better with text than images hahaha).

  12. Excellent Hash, thanks man. Really looking forward to integrating this within my next presentation – with full credits to you ofcourse!

  13. @ Charl – Yes, Yeigo is in there, but I missed another one… Fring. It’ll go into my updated iteration of this (adding it to the site now).

    @ Justin – Glad you like it!

  14. You can throw iJol.co.za and MyGenius.co.za into the mix

  15. @ Charl – good call on iJol, I like that app a lot and can’t believe that I forgot it. Actually, I’m kind of embarrassed for having missed so many…

  16. may be Ubuntu’s site should also be there,
    although with an international appeal,
    it’s an AFRICAN flavored Linux Distro
    that’s just what i think…

  17. While Ubuntu is an amazing initiative it’s not part of the web 2.0 relm as I see it.

    Hash, you should also add blog247.co.za

  18. Some titles i agree with, some more than others and some not at all. Don’t like 2.0 and never will… total buzz word.

  19. i mean’t the ubuntu WEBSITE actually,
    not the UBUNTU ,
    my bad, lol

  20. Awesome!

    What where u thinking putting Ananzi there!? lol!

  21. Great job Hash! I have to echo the Ananzi inclusion… WHY? I think what you wanted to include as maybe Startpage (www.startpage.co.za) by Ananzi, but definitely not ananzi.co.za.

  22. Oh, and mayb yesnomayb.co.za should also be in there?

  23. Sorry Hash, I’m flooding you now, but I think http://www.employmint.co.za/ deserves to be there!

  24. @Hash – check out my original list here.. its a little dated now but serves as a good reference


  25. HASH – Excellent. Got to hear of this from SokariÒ€ℒs post. This is my first comment on your blog, but make no mistake, I devotedly visit this space. And honestly, I think you are the top manÒ€¦

  26. Ananzi web 2.00?
    Thats a joke right?

  27. Okay, I realize now what an egregious error I made by including Ananzi – say no more, it will be removed! πŸ™‚

    @ Stii – Thanks for the good additions.

    @ Charl – Great link, I found about couple more sites to add.

  28. Why not include Share Surf? Made in SA, this site is Web 2.0 at it’s best – people send in pictures of the waves and surf conditions from their cellphone cameras, and anyone can log in and check the latest conditions! We get all our reporting from the community – check out :


    Click “South Africa” from the drop down list, and click search to get the pics!

  29. Please add http://blogs.24.com which has about 8 000 registered blogs.



  30. Please add MyNews24 – it is a citizen journalism site currently part of News24 where we only publish articles and pics from readers. It has about 80 000 monthly unique users at this point.

  31. Sorry, my bad! Fring is based in Israel – made incorrect assumptions there based on their popularity in South Africa. Thanks to IrcMaidon and Tyler Reed for setting me straight on Twitter.

  32. Okay, I’ve removed Fring. Zoopedup is on the “to be added” list, as is about 20 others.

    I’ll begin to update the collage this weekend, so get your last suggestions in ASAP.

  33. i am surprised by the links. all these are beyond my imagination.

  34. We need to have more Kenyan Web 2.0 websites developed. I don’t know why, but it seems (to me) like zoopedup.co.za still has some “Web 1.0” tinge – could be their tiny text. It’s a nice one though – I like their choice of colour and logo/banner too. Maybe we should have a site where we rate sites, so I could give it a 3/5, and sharesurf would get 2/5.

    This, of course, is open to debate πŸ™‚

  35. Jahazi doesn’t look Web 2.0 to me either, nor does allwoman.co.ke (some of it’s images are missing).

  36. There is one which is hot in kenya,


  37. There is one which is hot in kenya,


  38. Ok you guys forgot Afrigator.co.za, and muti maybe aadvark they are from south but hot

  39. So here is a website in progress to introduce web 2.0 to the village and cybers as an easy to use platform. http://www.voicesofafrica.org. We are in need of more techies to help. I am one of the directors and I have a degree in sustainable economic development with a master’s in public health and the other is a farmer/ agriculture student at Moi. We are in need of folks with tech skills to bring the best of the web into our telecentres which will be located in rural villages using solar power. Our focus is on rural sustainable development and income generation. And of course, I love to teach about health. There are so many resources online. It is like opening the people up to the biggest library in the world.

    Well, I am highly impressed by the site and the work you are doing. I would like to see if possibily I could get in contact with some members for support, help with web design and general guidance. I feel like our groups have two pieces of the same puzzle.

    Asante sana.


  40. Hello Crystal I am a freelance journalist based in Italy. I am very much interested about the telecentres based in villages using solar power. May I interview you. I’d like to pitch this story to some newspapers and magazines in Europe and elsewhere.
    If you want to contact me my email is piervi@piervi.com or my MSN is piervincenzo1@hotmail.com or my Skype piervi.com

  41. Munashe Gumbonzvanda

    November 30, 2007 at 10:40 am

    Hi Crystal loved your comment. hope it works out
    Found some non South African startups you left out. Not top quality but worth a look.

    Afrovibe is like zimvibe

  42. Please add http://www.memeza.com to this list. You blogged about them earlier as being a Zambian digg clone. Representing Zambia πŸ™‚

  43. http://www.studiosaba.co.ke has been revamped. Check it out.

  44. Here is Cameroon’s 2.0 websites πŸ˜‰

    Click here or copy and paste the link below


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  46. Hmm, what of new comers like Kerawa.com, http://www.kerawa.com.
    We wish to serve free classified ads in the whole Africa.

  47. Hi, please add an online invoicing service for freelancers called Fluttervoice http://www.fluttervoice.co.za

    It’s a handsome logo.


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