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Weapons of Choice

WhiteAfrican {2}, originally uploaded by Jon Shuler.

Thanks to everyone for 2008. What an amazing (and unexpected) year!

My “Weapons of Choice”:

  • Moleskin notebook
  • Zebra pen
  • Sanyo Xacti waterproof camera (dustproof for Africa!)
  • MacBook Pro (not pictured)
  • Nikon D50 (not pictured)

What are yours?


  1. I also like Zebra pens! I’ve got the telescoping kind though – fits much nicer in a pocket.

  2. Canon 5D – 50mm & 24mm lenses
    Zoom H4 – 4 Way Stereo Audio Recorder
    Fountain Pen

    • @Jon Shuler – Okay, now I just saw your Zoom H4, and that’s even heavier duty than Miquel’s Zoom H2. I’m feeling a little gadget envy coming on…

  3. I always new you used a Mac. Great tools. I love what you did in 2008. God bless you and what you are doing in 09′.

  4. Canon 30D – 24-70, 70-200, 10-22
    Sony Ericsson K530i unlocked (talking phone)
    Blackberry Curve 8320 unlocked (Twittering (eventually blogging) phone)
    Miquel Rius notebooks
    Zoom H2 (great for interviews)
    Thinkpad Z60m or X40 depending on travel conditions

    Yeah, I know the last item makes me super uncool, but I’ve had too many Apple laptops fall to pieces when traveling. The Thinkpad isn’t “sexy” like a Mac (although that is subjective to what one finds sexy 😉 but its thick, slabness stands up to just about everything I can toss as at it.

    • @Miquel – so I’m guessing Maneno will be doing something on smart phones then in 2009? 🙂 By the way, nothing against PCs from me. I run one in my house as the desktop. I had to go lookup Zoom H2 due to not knowing what it is… Man, that woke up the gadget-lover inside of me immediately. Looks incredibly useful.

  5. @HASH I had forgotten about the Zoom H4 until Jon mentioned it. When I choosing between them, the H4 was a great deal more expensive and now it’s just $100 or less above the H2. The XLR inputs in the H4 are a serious plus and the construction is more rigid, but that comes at a cost of larger size and more weight. I also like the fact that the H2 is a bit more stealthy as I like to record random sounds and conversations in cities and the H4 stands out a good deal more. But again, they’re both quite good and I suppose it’s all based on your needs since the price is much less of an option now. Really, really good audio quality from either.

    Yeah, on Maneno we’re getting close to having the base solid and will probably take off the Beta tag in the next couple of months. Then it’s all about mobile in creating both a smart phone version as well as an SMS/MMS interface which will be the most important for blogging. I’m really looking forward to what Ken is going to be doing at Frontline SMS as I plan to be digging in to in to integration in the first half of this new year.

  6. Mine are nearly identical to you. Just looking at what is handy next to my computer as I type I have…

    – Zebra pen (only 3 left! But I’ve found a good African equivalent)
    – 3 moleskins (to do/random thoughts/ journal, Africa/ministry, Arabic)
    – Canon D1 Mk2 w/24-105mm (my walk around lens)
    – Sanyo wp video camera
    – Nokia N82, my newest still & video camera! & soon to be modem
    – MacBook Pro (where don’t I go without this)
    – Edirol R-09HR (audio recorder)

    Usually I don’t carry the audio recorder as I just shoot video with one of my mini video cameras. I researched the recorder heavily before my purchase. With my application, I’m mostly recording ambient sound in the field and have nothing to hook into. If I though I might be using mics (boom) or plugging into a mixer or something, I would have definitely gone with the H4. It’s a great buy. Jon, I have to say I’m jealous of the fountain pen. I feel like when I write in a moleskine that it needs an equally studious method of dispensing ink (a nice pen). I almost feel like I should be using a quill.

  7. It depends, but here’s what’s in the bag (btw, searching for a new bag)
    Either a Canon 10D or the Canon Vixia HF10
    Parker Duofold Rollerball
    Zoom H4
    Bose earbuds
    Jawbone bluetooth

    Moleskin or reporters notebook

  8. plane tickets
    people everywhere to learn from and write about
    old Dell laptop with MS Word (so I don’t lose what I’ve written when the connection is dodgy), followed by the cut and paste function
    old Canon digital camera, but testing Nokia N82
    Flip camera
    beer or its equivalent

  9. @Linda The best list yet! 🙂

  10. @ Miquel – hey thanks! i’m still learning about the tech side from all you guys so maybe for 2009 I will step it up and go mobile….:-)