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Visualizing the World as 100 People

If the world had only 100 people, how many of them would be African? What if you were to put them into economy, life, food, danger and a world map zones? That’s what this infographic tries to do, and it’s interactive so go ahead and click around on it.

If you look at the world map, you can see where the war zones are and the number of child soldiers on each continent.


  1. Interesting map, thx!

  2. “Lies. Damned lies. And statistics.” well, there’s some good stuff in there but also quite a lot of balderdash… 😉

  3. Come on then, Mr Ker, where exactly is the balderdash? Let’s have some hard info, not just comment.

  4. In truth, though this is a fantastic visual, they somehow diverged from the “100 people” framework and got into bigger numbers. I still like it though.

  5. Hash,

    Unless my browser is playing tricks on me – that page goes to a Chinese landing page – please confirm.

  6. HASH, I noted that too.

    Eddie, such simplification requires some strange bedfellows, like atheists and animists. I can’t think of two groups with more divergent worldviews! And when the chapel has something about 1 in 10 couples being homosexual well first that’s an extremely contested figure and second is that the interesting data about marriage. What about age of brides at marriage or divorce rate or whatever. And the stuff about radios, TVs and computers just requires a lot of fudging. Our house has two TVs and four laptops.

    I’m too lazy to tease out the hard data but even so I think it’s a great tool for visualizing the world (although it is busy).

    I’m done whining…

  7. It’s an interesting visual. Great for simplifying an explanation of whatever statistics you’re trying to convey. I’m not sure if the Sim City motif is to make the numbers non-threatening to people of certain sensibilities, or to enforce that it’s a tool best suited for children.

    I would love it if they allowed the numbers to be interactively modified based on stats from after the Clinton era.

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