Radio Gbarpolu and Travel in Liberia

Liberian Bush Trip from WhiteAfrican on Vimeo.

I took an opportunity to travel to Bopolu, a small town in the Liberian bush that is the center of government for Gbarpolu county (don’t say the “G”).

My goal was to talk to someone from a rural community radio station. I also wanted to talk to the local leaders to determine how information flows in the community, and how it gets from local villages to Monrovia.

Here is a quick video that I put together showing some of the highlights of this trip.

16 thoughts on “Radio Gbarpolu and Travel in Liberia

  1. Nice work. What camera did you use for getting the video? And did you use iMovie or Final Cut? Man, if only you could hire out somebody’s camera services for a trip like that… that would be awesome.

  2. @martin – thanks!

    @Jason – I use my little waterproof Sanyo Xacti for almost everything, though the rabbits were shot with my Nokia E71 just to try it out. Yeah, so how can we get you on a plane with all your equipment to travel with me for a week!?

  3. Henry says:

    Erik that trip looks awesome. Looks like ur having a blast. Enjoy and send us more updates.

  4. annbass says:

    Intriguing video! — nothing like a picture, not to mention a video. I would have liked to hear the interview, or at least the results of the interview, with the guys at the radio station. Plus, I’m curious about your conclusions, if any, re: role of radio vis-a-vis mobiles.

  5. All that is missing is the shot of the cold beer at the end signifying a good day lived!

    Great mix of video and photos. Love it. Good you are doing post production in country. If you wait (like I have), you’ll never get to it.

  6. John says:

    Great stuff Erik keep them coming. Love the photo montage / video mash-up, good music choice as well. Great photographic work as well.


  7. Well, I have carrying cases for a lot of my stuff. Maybe just something to transport the crane and, oh, I don’t know — a large pallet of money might do the trick. :)

  8. @Matt Berg – you’re right, alas I was too short-sighted to think of that. I’ll file the “beer shot” away for the next video. :)

    @Jason deal! (minus the pallet of money)

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