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Mobile Phones in Africa (Video)

I found out about the “Mobile phones in Africa” video project that Martin Konzett and the team at ICT4D Austria were up to when I ran into him at the MobileActive’08 conference last year. He was shooting a lot of stuff with his Nikon D90 (video and images). I had no idea that it would be this good!

This video embedded here is a low-res version of the trailer. I was able to watch the high-res version today at the Africa Gathering in London, and have to say it’s amazing. Very impressive stuff, and I can’t wait to see the whole video. It will be out on May 8th.


  1. I like it. Mobile technology is transforming communications in Africa; I look forward to seeing the full version.

  2. It’s a great documentary indeed!

    The singing Nokia fan boy from the last scene should actually produce a ringtone and share it “somewhere” (Nokia’s OVI.com is for S60 only, right?).

  3. Thanks man! 😀
    Credit for editing goes to Anders Bolin http://uzi.se
    Hope to cu soon again!!!

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