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The #Kenya365 Instagram Project

[See the pictures at Kenya365.com]

The #Kenya365 Instgram Project

Mutua Matheka and I met up today and hatched an idea to have a little picture fun over the next 12 months. We quickly roped in Eston Whitfield and are looking for a couple more to join up. We’re going to do a picture-a-day on Instagram, and see what happens. Likely others will join in as well, so here are the guidelines:

RULE #1: You can only tag one Instagram photo with #Kenya365 each day.

That is the one and only one rule.

It starts on Sept 1, 2012 (2 days from now) and ends on Aug 31, 2013. To make it more challenging and fun we’re going to ask ourselves to find “interesting” shots each day (however you decide to define that).

Feel free to invite another Instagramer to it, especially if you think they do great stuff, or join in yourself. Just pass on rule #1 to them.

A reminder that this is for fun, and we’ll see what happens. If it’s going well we can create a site to aggregate the images with this tag on it for people to find easily.

You can find us on Instagram with the following handles:

  • Erik Hersman on Instagram: @White_African and on Twitter at @WhiteAfrican
  • Mutua Matheka on Instagram: @Truthslinger and on Twitter at @Truthslinger
  • Eston Whitfield on Instgram: @Eston and on Twitter at @Estoni
  • Jepchumba on Instagram: @Jepchumba and on Twitter at @DigitalAfrican
  • Wamathai on Instagram: @Wamathai and on Twitter at @Wamathai
  • Joseph Were on Instgram: @jaydabliu and on Twitter @jaydabliu
  • Taylor Martyn on Instagram: @Zulusafari and on Twitter at @zulusafari
  • Elvis Mutai on Instagram: @mutaielvis
  • Eve on Instagram: @eveheartsphotog and Twitter at @eveheartsphotog
  • Wachera on Instagram: @Wacherah and on Twitter at @Wacherah
  • Musa on Instagram: @moahandpainted and on Twitter at @mole_a
  • Maggianna Wanjohi on Instagram: @Maggianna and on Twitter at @Maggianna
  • Steve Kitots on Instagram: @SteveKitots and on Twitter at @SteveKitots
  • Lema on Instagram: @lemajisa and on Twitter at @jisaslema
  • William on Instagram: @nguru and on twitter @lilwaim
  • Wairimu Mwaura on Instagram: @missmwaura and on Twitter at @missmwaura
  • Ratia on instagram: @ratia_tee and on Twitter at @ratia_tee
  • Aika on Instagram: @aikawangwe and on on Twitter at @aikawangwe
  • Pendo la Mama on Instagram: @pendolamama and on Twitter at @pendolamama
  • Njeri Thande on Instagram: @njerithande and on Twitter @njerithande
  • Wambui on Instagram: @wambeauty
  • Shitawa Bah on Instagram: @eatoutkenya and on Twitter @eatoutkenya
  • Wiselar on Instagram: @wiselar and on Twitter at @wiselar
  • The Afrohemien Nomad on Instgram: @LAfrohemien and on Twitter at @LAfrohemien
  • Angela Oduor on Instagram: @angelaoduor and on Twitter @AngieNicoleOD
  • Leo Patra on Instgram: @c_Leo_patra and on Twitter at @c_Leo_patra
  • Angela Crandall on Instagram: @honoluluskye and on Twitter at @honoluluskye
  • Flora Okuku on Instgram: @maflosah and on Twitter at @maflosah
  • Mark Mwangi on Instagram: @Mwangyzzle and on Twitter @mwangy
  • eGichomo on Instagram: @eGichomo and on Twitter at @eGichomo
  • Riyaz Osman on Instagram: @ri_yaz and on Twitter at @ri_yaz

If you’re going to take part, leave a comment below with a link to your Twitter handle and your Instagram account and I’ll add you into the list.


  1. Twitter handle: @Wacherah
    Instagram handle: @wacherah

  2. instagram handle mutaielvis

  3. I’m game.

    Twitter @jaydabliu
    Instagram @jaydabliu

  4. instagram & twitter handle: @eveheartsphotog

  5. @zulusafari on board (twitter & instagram)

  6. Twitter @mole_a
    Instagram moahandpainted

  7. Maggianna Wanjohi

    August 30, 2012 at 1:39 am

    instagram Maggianna
    Twitter handle @maggianna

  8. I am game 🙂
    Twitter & Instagram >>@SteveKitots

  9. Fun on!
    Twitter: @jisaslema
    Instagram: lemajisa

  10. twitter lilwaim
    instagram nguru

  11. Twitter: @missmwaura

    Instagram: missmwaura

  12. Brilliant idea. I’d love to.
    twitter: @ratia_tee
    instagram: ratia_tee

  13. Just a slight correction… It’s Joseph Were… Without the “o”… Thanks man!

  14. This is awesome! I will participate @aikawangwe on twitter

  15. Joining in!
    Insta: pendolamama
    twtr: @pendolamama

  16. and now on instangam!
    instagram: aikawangwe

  17. We’re on the same page like a paragraph (Pun intended ) 🙂
    Twitter: @njerithande
    Intsagram: njerithande

  18. Sounds fantastic!!
    wambeauty: Instagram

  19. Cool concept.

    Twitter @eatoutkenya
    Instagram @eatoutkenya

  20. twitter handle – @wiselar
    instagram – wiselar

  21. The Afrohemian Nomad

    August 31, 2012 at 3:11 am

    Instagram and Twitter: @LAfrohemien

  22. Awesome,picture expression

  23. Signing three people up 🙂 ie myself,Leo Mutuku and Angela Crandall

    Twitter: AngieNicoleOD
    instagram: angelaoduor

    Twitter: c_Leo_patra
    Instagram: c_Leo_patra

    Twitter: honoluluskye
    Instagram: honoluluskye

  24. I’m in!
    Twitter: @maflosah
    Instagram: maflosah

  25. Le twitter @mwangy
    Instagram Mwangyzzle

  26. iLike
    Twitter handle: @eGichomo
    Instagram handle: @eGichomo

  27. Game!
    Twitter: @ri_yaz
    Instagram : @ri_yaz

  28. Twitter:@nakasongola
    Instagram: nakasongola

  29. I should follow the unwritten second rule then and sign up, eh? 🙂

    laurawhudson on both Twitter and Instagram.

    Really fantastic idea, Erik!

  30. Twitter: JessicaColaco
    Instagram: JessicaColaco

  31. Let’s do this!
    Instagram: rogerinc
    Twitter: @rogerinc

  32. Twitter: rmakasi
    Instagram: rmakasi

  33. Instagram: 6FootBoy
    Twitter: @6FootBoy

  34. Twitter: @Amasy
    Instagram @amasy

  35. Exciting project. Count me in.

    Twitter: @ArcherMishale

    Instagram: archermishale

  36. Twitter: @MissTwaila
    Instagram @MissTwaila

  37. Interesting project Erik, as my contribution people should be able to view the pictures daily at Whive on http://whiv.eu/kenya365 Topic of Interest.

    If you are in Kenya you can also view the daily pics on the http://Whive.com /mobi on the timeline.

    If I may suggest people turn on location on both twitter and instagram to make more interesting visualizations in the future.

    More interesting things we could do on Whive like feature the most viewed or shared photos or active contributors.

    Let’s see what happens. This should be fun 🙂
    Follow me on twitter @whive

  38. David Mugo on Twitter and Instagram as @raidarmax

  39. Twitter: @mrjilani
    Instagram: @mrjilani

  40. Instagram: @rkimende
    Twitter: @rodneynzioka

  41. I’m quite enjoying this hashtag project. Let’s keep it moving guys.

    Twitter handle: @reumac
    Instagram: reumac

  42. Inside!
    @MissKihoro on twitter.
    MissKihoro on Instagram.

  43. sign me up!

    Twitter: @reumac
    Instagram: reumac

  44. Twitter: @kenbonyo
    Instagram: kenbonyo

  45. twitter: practicalrad
    instagram: ddragan

  46. With kind permission from Erik, 1st curated feed of the project posted here. I plan to do it monthly. Thanks for letting me join from afar!


  47. Awesome project. Endless scrolling would be awesome for this.

  48. Hella dope

    Twitter handle: @Miss_Khaimia

    Instagram : @Miss_Khaimia

  49. Twitter: stephesantana
    Instagram: Santana01

  50. Faith Kasina

    Twitter handle : @faekasina
    Instagram : @faekasina

  51. @tcuguh Instagram

  52. daniel wainaina

    October 26, 2012 at 5:04 am

    i have been looking for some sort of #igerskenya. recently came back here on sunday from canada after 5 years yuck. happy to be home and share pictures and my art hehe. right now trying to sort out my phone issues.

    Instagram : wainosh
    Twitter : 1mmg1

  53. Twitter handle: @akenyanbachelor
    Instagram handle: @akenyanbachelor

  54. Instagram handle: @akenyanbachelor
    Twitter handle: @akenyanbachelor

  55. Twitter: @MMuendo

    Instagram: @MMuendo

  56. Twitter: @jamesmurua
    Instagram: @jamesmurua

  57. Twitter: @katiyawanawake
    Instagram: @katiyawanawake

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